Woman Caught In Massive WhatsApp Group Chat ‘At Breaking Point’


A woman is on the edge after becoming inadvertently caught up in a massive WhatsApp group chat.

Julie was added to the group ‘Kirsty’s Hen Party’ back in 2017 and despite not actually attending Kirsty’s hen party at the time Julie is now unable to leave the chat.

‘Looking back, I should never have joined the group at all, but now I can’t leave because it would seem rude. So I have no choice but to read and respond to over 100 messages a day from people I have never actually met. I’m at breaking point…I’m considering quitting my actual job just so I have time to manage the barrage of pointless messages. I’ve had to dig deep into my emoji selection to avoid too much repetition and I am now basically choosing them at random. The other day someone wrote ‘IDK wot2do TBH I just wan2 leave ths chat FML’ but I had no idea what it meant so I just replied with emojis of an aubergine, a slice of pizza, a snowman and a flag of Croatia.’

Julie has now been added to the group ‘Andy’s 40th’ and is already have heart palpitations.

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