Palestinian on Grand Designs says he’s rebuilding his house just using dialogue


As the first dialogue convoy arrived in the Gaza strip, Mr Mahmoud Azzam, whose house was completely re-designed during the recent conflict, announced his unconventional plan for its reconstruction.

‘I’m hoping to use dialogue only on the project. It’s a new, sustainable material and perfect for rebuilding my house from the ground up.’

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud was full of praise: ‘Mr Abbas’s project is a unique self-build, or rather rebuild, following the recent trend for unwanted downsizing. Using dialogue is highly unusual, but it is a flexible alternative to locally available traditional building materials such as rubble. Hopefully, it should help it to blend in with its new surroundings. We’re hoping he can increase his budget to include some platitudes and perhaps even go so far as investing in a skip load of reclaimed thoughts and prayers which should provide the perfect insulation from reality.’

‘His plans are for a dream home which, in a first for Grand Designs, actually makes the structure resemble a house and reflects the families passion for trying to stay alive.’

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