Dominic Cummings Gives Evidence From Glass House In Barnard Castle


It has been revealed that Dominic Cummings has given evidence against the PM to the select committees from a large glass-walled house erected in Barnard Castle.

Built during lockdown, the huge glass dwelling has 20 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms and 10 eye test centres. It is to be the venue for Mr Cummings’ annual stone throwing championship which he has kicked off today.

Mr Cummings has pointed to government incompetence and dishonesty during the pandemic. As the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor at the time, some have suggested perhaps he could have mentioned these concerns sooner – ideally before 130 thousand people died.

Some have suggested he may just be bitter because BoJo and the gang won’t play with him anymore but Mr Cummings ruled this out, explaining: ‘that is well not true, I don’t even like them anyway, so there’ before sticking out his tongue.

Cummings is reportedly suffering from a range of Long Covid symptoms after catching the virus last year. These include hypocrititus, pot-kettle-blackouts, heindsight-loss and twataphobia which some believe may be clouding his perspective. However, close friends have confirmed he has been suffering from these ailments for years.

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