PM rallies nation and rescues culture with epic Cabaret reworking

The Idiot

Instead of running the country and making decisions which would have saved tens of thousands of lives, the Prime Minister has been busy tending to his true passion of remaking the classic hit musical ‘Cabaret’

“It has been my lifelong ambition to bring the tried and tested ideological ideals of 1932 Germany to stage, screen and British politics,” oozed a glassy-eyed Boris Johnson with a thousand yard stare, arms crossed behind his back and unconsciously clicking his heels together

“My glorious reinterpretation will be called ‘Cabinet’, written by me, directed by me, starring me, and reviewed in the press by me as a world-beating all-round world-beater, with me as King. And the genius of it is that it does away with characters who are foreign, foreign sounding, or even a teensy bit foreign looking”

“The plot opens with a tribute to the First Realm of British Empire, transitioning into the celebrated Second Realm with a matriarchal leader called Margaret Thatcher, and climaxing splendidly with a thousand year Third Realm led by – well – me“

“The song ‘Money, Money’ will feature throughout as a leitmotiv, reminding everyone what it’s all about”

“The part of the Emcee in the rather erotic number ‘Two Ladies’ will be played by a reclining Jacob Rees-Mogg, heavily made up in false eyelashes, ruby lipstick, and sexily clad in stockings and suspenders, closely accompanied by the 2 literally strapping young ladies Dildo Hardin and Loose Truss. But then, he springs up into a high-kicking goose-stepping routine of song and dance, which brings us right into my glorious Third Realm – Huzzaaaah!”

“The closing scene and grand finale of ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Us’ being taught to school children is so powerful that it will be retained, and indeed made law in schools throughout England”

This somewhat too realistic film “Cabinet” will be released soon, rather sooner than you think


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