Shapps wants hauliers to join government in being asleep at the wheel

Driver in cabin of big modern truck

A shortage in lorry drivers has kicked the world-beating UK government ideas engine into overdrive. The Grant Shapps blinky light going at two to the dozen knee-jerked: ‘If there are not enough lorry drivers, then we will just do what we are doing with doctors, nurses, teachers and everyone else: just make them work longer hours. Snoozy hauliers playing lamppost slalom dodgems on their way back from France is just the sort of thing Great Britain needs. Without that sense of danger on our British roads, the people just don’t enjoy driving. Not like they used to when all of us drunkards ruled the highways.’

‘With all of the deaths and maiming, at some point people will become too afraid to use the roads. Eventually, all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will be dead, and the roads will be so quiet that we will be the world leaders in road safety. And at that point, we could do away with roads altogether and save the taxpayer billions. Now that’s why they pay me and Michael the big bucks.’

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Posted: Jul 9th, 2021 by

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