Trump sues NewsBiscuit for not writing about him


Donald Trump has included popular ‘news’ site NewsBiscuit in his lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and Google, who he has accused of violating his freedom of speech. ‘Those guys, they used to write about a lot, I mean lot, pretty much daily,’ Trump told reporters. ‘It was great to see my name, I didn’t get the jokes but it was great, so great. But now, they don’t, they don’t ever write about me. And it’s bad, very bad. It’s so sad. Why aren’t they writing about me?’

A spokesperson for NewsBiscuit said: ‘We’ll write probably do a news in brief about the shit-flinging orange gibbon when he does something we can take the piss out of – oh wait a minute, you mean he’s opened his mouth again? Alright, give us ten minutes – one of us will come up with something.’

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