Faulty bikes ‘causing teenagers to ride dangerously’


Bicycle manufacturers have recalled over 10,000 bikes after learning of a design fault that causes riders to veer into traffic and do wheelies. This occurs mainly when a group of teenage boy are riding together. For reasons that are not yet clear, the presence of teenage girls in the vicinity increases the chances of the fault occurring by a whopping 50%.

Tests also showed that as the teenagers get older the less frequently the fault happens. ‘We believe this to be down to accumulation of life experience – an unfulfilling job or broken dream weighs upon the rider, pinning the bike down, and somehow bypassing the fault,’ said a spokesman. ‘However, adult men with their tops off are also vulnerable. Although we did sometimes find these men hanging out with teenagers, we quickly discovered their behaviour had nothing to do with the fault. And so under no circumstances do we advise approaching these men and attempting to recall their bikes.’

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