Football punditry actually a live group therapy session


The National Association of Football Pundits has admitted that they are only allowed on television in order. to release dangerous levels of pent-up angst.’When you see me discussing the details of the half of football you’ve just watched, I am actually leading a group therapy session,’ said leading expert in psychological care for pundits, Professor Ian Wright. ‘If you see me and Dr Gabby Logan there at the same time, you know we’ve reached a critical level of support requirement.’

‘If we didn’t let Roy Keane get it out of his system, then he’d be standing on a street corner in piss-stained trousers shouting at passers-by that Holland don’t know what they’re doing and should switch to a double-pivot system. And Alan Shearer would be in a constant vegetative state. That said, there’s no excuse for Gary Lineker, but there is an emergency plan in place to convince him that he doesn’t need to put the ‘pun’ in pundit.’

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