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BBC to mix’n’match old stories with new

updated, on the hour, every three yearsFollowing the success of its website, which takes visitors to old news items as if they were recent events, the BBC has decided to randomise all news coverage, with old events appearing alongside new.

‘The BBC believes in challenging itself’, a spokesman said. ‘The licence-fee payer deserves a service which is distinct from that offered by other news outlets – CNN, Al Jazeera etc. One question we asked was : why does news have to be so new? What’s wrong with classic news?

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Doctor’s receptionists now better qualified than doctors, says NHS

‘It can be embarrassing at times,’ said one patient, ‘having to remove my trousers and underpants in the waiting room so that the receptionist could see the suppurating pustules on the end of my knob.’

ISIS writes messages in sand to taunt US bombers over Ryder Cup defeat

It has emerged that Islamic State fighters have resorted to making disparaging comments about the United States heavy Ryder Cup defeat this weekend.

Radiohead announce surprise release of new album ‘three weeks ago’

Will somebody, please, pull them out of the air crashHot on the heels of surprise new albums from U2 and Beyonce, the music world has again been rocked by news that Radiohead had released their tenth album online three weeks ago. Postmortemism came out to coincide with the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11 and was deleted the following day, before anyone could become aware of its existence.

Lead singer Thom Yorke explained that the band were sick of ‘prostituting themselves’ by bothering to tell people when they issued new music. Instead, the band flagged up the album’s release by posting a series of cryptic five second animations on their website of aardvarks flossing their teeth.

Outrage as unholy strain of myxomatosis introduced into Meerkovo

other ways of getting rid of them on ''Animal rights activists have reacted in horror after the exponential rise in meerkat numbers throughout Europe forced Russian authorities to introduce a genetically modified strain of the myxomatosis virus into the village of Meerkovo. Meerkat numbers have grown massively in the last couple of years, from a solitary ‘uber-meerkat’ to a ‘plague of Biblical proportions’, according to Yuri Rochenko, head of the Moscow State Pest Control Authority.

‘What started off as one meerkat on a TV advert has rapidly increased to a whole village full of them and they’re now spreading to other European countries, infiltrating nation states by being boxed up and sold with insurance policies. There is an urgent need to keep these vermin down in a humane way that does not invalidate our no-claims bonuses.’

OED grants ‘working from home’ full ironic status

Soooo busy!In a move welcomed by office workers everywhere, the Oxford English Dictionary has today granted full ironic status to the expression ‘working from home’. This status will initially apply to Fridays only, but depending on its success may in due course be rolled out across the entire working week.

Before this ground-breaking move, the traditional excuse given for a manager’s absence from the office on a Friday was required to be accompanied by a wiggling of the index and middle fingers of both hands, a raising of the eyebrows and an exaggerated pout. When used on the phone, the expression had to be said in a slow, emphasised way, preferably with a small pause beforehand and a clearing of the throat afterwards.

Murray apologises for expressing non-bland opinion

and if he ever goes on Strictly...Following his last minute show of support for the Yes campaign in last week’s Scottish independence referendum, tennis star Andy Murray has issued a statement of apology to the British public for any offence he may have caused by saying something that was not a confused jumble of sports-related clichés in a miserable-sounding voice.

‘Having kept fully abreast of the referendum campaign in my home country, I foolishly proffered an opinion and showed a preference for a specific outcome on the issue of Scottish self-determination,’ Murray said. ‘I now realise that this was entirely wrong of me and that I had no right to enter the debate that affected the future of the country in which I was born and raised.’

Sid James sex pest trial jury returns verdict of ‘Oooh, saucy!’

er, carry on...There has been a dramatic turn of events at the trial of 1970s icon, serial cackler Sid James, who was alleged to have been repeatedly filmed being a blatant sexual predator when his wife, Joan Sims, wasn’t looking. The jury has sensationally decided that ‘that was how it was in them days’ and that no further action should be taken.

Miliband asks for ten years to fix Manchester United

Time's upIn a bold statement of intent, the Labour Leader Ed Miliband has set out a ten-year plan to reverse the damage done by successive managers at Old Trafford. Whilst many of his critics suggested that a decent centre half and holding midfielder would be sufficient, a Labour spokesman insisted it would take a long-term economic plan to improve results, clone Ryan Giggs and change the word ‘United’ to ‘City’ on the stationery.

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