Articles by nickb


May promises ‘Full English Brexit’

The Prime Minister has warned that the EU is poised to launch compulsory coffee, croissants and dubious cold meats upon the unsuspecting British breakfast. In her conference speech, Mrs May alleged that Jean Claude Juncker is planning to impose strong coffee and in some cases threaten prosciutto or prosecution for breakfasts that do not comply with European Smoked Pork Regulations. [read...]


‘Epstein was definitely not murdered before committing suicide’ says Trump et al

Multi-billionaire sex criminal Brian Epstein might have been forced into suicide by being murdered, according to secret documents uncovered by yet-to-be assassinated journalists. Meanwhile, though, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, the Duke of Edinburgh, and a hundred other ultra-famous men have signed a letter in the New York Times today in which they deny the not-murdering… [read...]

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