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Old woman in bus queue fails to disclose her age

there's nothing grander than a nice day outAn elderly woman in Beaconsfield who spent twenty minutes in a bus queue failed to disclose her age, despite several opportunities.

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Cameron denies murdering schoolgirl despite photographic evidence

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Commuter turf war erupts as Suitcase Draggers clash with Coffee Cup spillers

it's every man for himself out thereA bitter turf war could erupt on London’s train platforms, as tensions rise between rival factions.

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A message from former Nigerian Persident Goodluck Jonathan

I seek a relationship of mutual benefitDear Respected One,

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you…

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Dog perfectly well aware he’s a good boy

also knows he's a cheeky little scamp, yesh he duzRusty, a three-year-old Yorkshire terrier from Esher, has confirmed that he is now completely convinced of his intrinsic moral decency.

The breakthrough came after his owner, Hannah Morrison, 43, had repeatedly assured him he was ‘a good boy, a good boy, a good good GOOD GOOD goooooood boy’.

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