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Five year old rules out negotiations with parents over teddy bear hostages

they'll only do it again with the dollsA five year old girl from Shepton Mallet has today reiterated that on no account will she negotiate with hostage takers.


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***ADVERTISING FEATURE*** ‘Julian Assange Sings’

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Battle of Britain memorial flight Lancaster splatted in ‘paintball accident’

The RAF’s only airworthy Lancaster bomber was effectively ‘shot down’ yesterday, in a prank played by the pilot of a German Messerschmitt 109 fighter aircraft.

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We want the ‘old you’ back – An open letter to Britain

‘Where’s your sense of self-loathing, Britain? Sure, you have produced great music and great television, but your trains are still late and overpriced, your roads are congested and your public transport is shit.’

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Olympics: Week 1 Round-up

OooooThe first medal for Burkina Faso came in the Water Polo contest. Not only did they win Gold, but they also beat the Olympic and World record by eating 15 packets of the mints without coming up for air.

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