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North Korea protests over ‘fu**ing rubbish film’

The North Korean government has made fresh protests over the decision to finally release the controversial film, ‘The Interview’, which it describes as ‘bloody awful’.

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George Osborne to bring back Rickets‏

Benefit deductible, so everyone wins!As he rolls back public finance to the 1930s, the Chancellor has announced a return to a golden age of austerity this week.

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Men joyous as Kim Jong-un threatens to cyber attack all future Downton Abbey specials

you couldn't make it up.Men across the country were delighted at the warning released today by North Korea that the production of all future Downton Abbey episodes and specials are in ‘serious jeopardy’.

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Candy Crushgate latest: more MPs ‘eating, sleeping, enjoying themselves’

interrupted before he even got to level 5The Sun today struck another body-blow to the Conservative Party by revealing one of their members was spotted asleep on a train last Friday night.

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Nigel Farage fears ‘rivers of congestion’

it's all black and white!Alluding to Enoch Powell’s prophetic warning in 1968, the UKIP leader claimed that Britain’s waterways will soon be clogged up with east Europeans on barge holidays. Speaking to supporters, Mr. Farage reportedly referred to ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood, shopping trollies and regattas of benefit tourists’.

Likewise he spoke of his concern that all the first-class seats on public transport were now reserved for ‘single mothers from Albania’.

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