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New shadow cabinet meets in roadside café

on the roadside to recoveryThe reshuffled shadow cabinet met for the first time today in their new surroundings of Mac’s 5-Star Breakfast and Burger café in Dagenham.

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Polls fooled by ‘secret shame’ of Tory electorate

They'll be getting married to each other next!After Election night when the country awoke to realise that, in their midst, many may have been living a lie but had finally found a pride in who they really are, Tory voters have been welcomed into the folds of the LBGT community like ‘one of their own’.

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Gove to academise Prisons

still likely to change his mind on a weekly basisDavid Cameron’s first instruction to new Justice Secretary Michael Gove, his most significant appointment of his new Cabinet, is to unleash George Eliot’s ‘Middlemarch’ upon unsuspecting prison inmates now that his predecessor Chris Grayling’s book ban has been reversed.

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Conservatives celebrate VE Day 2015

Throughout the United Kingdom on 8th May 2015, a stunned nation paused to celebrate an end to bloodshed during Victory in Election Day 2015.

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Scottish Labour MPs ‘near extinction’, captive breeding program proposed

'Just lie back and think of Scottish Labour'Fears are growing for the Scottish Labour MP after a recent report suggests there may be only a single individual left in the wild. Experts have proposed a captive breeding program at Edinburgh Zoo to help increase their numbers for eventual release.

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