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Hackers expose names of thousands seeking fling with Labour

The Labour Party’s leadership contest has been suspended today, after hactivists exposed the names of thousands of people interested in having a dalliance with the party.

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Brewery Labour couldn’t organise a piss-up in to be reorganised.

A huge brewery venue in London that is set to hold an enormous piss-up for the Labour party is to be reorganised, so that fewer supporters are invited in future.

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Iain Duncan Smith ‘was a made-up character’

Having admitted to using fake stories to support benefit cuts, the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) has confessed to having fabricated an entire minister.

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Blair’s security detail encouraged to ‘nip out for a fag once in a while’

The ongoing austerity programme, which has seen cuts of up to 40% to the budgets of many government departments, has bumped up against the obligation to provide round the clock security for former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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Labour leadership contest ‘much too fair and democratic’

Senior figures within the Labour Party have publicly criticised the party’s leadership election process, highlighting how recklessly fair and democratic it is.

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