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“Cecil Parkinson – the musical” opens at Tory Festival Fringe

Tory party urged to celebrate glorious conquests in the pastCecil!, the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical charting the political rise of Cecil Parkinson’s love child, has opened to a rave review at conference sub-plenary breakout fringe session 4 of the Conservative Party Conference this week.

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Miliband pins conference hopes on Real IRA atrocity

and if someone could invade the Falkirk islands, too...Ed Miliband has asked dissident Irish republican groups for their help in making the Labour Party conference more newsworthy by means of some kind of atrocity, it has emerged.

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‘Drunk Tanks’ to replace Government ‘Think Tanks’

won't remember a thing about his new initiative in the morningThe Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has suggested that by monitoring the ‘alcohol induced’ ramblings of the ‘average Geordie’ in a ‘drunk tank’ Ministers could be provided with a range of inspired policy ideas.

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Liberal Democrats attempt largest salvage operation in history

serious cracks could appear at any momentA major salvage operation is underway in Glasgow, where a team of engineers are said to be ‘extremely pessimistic’ about their chances of successfully resurrecting a sunken political party, the Liberal Democrats.

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World hails Ed Miliband for averting military intervention in Syria

Miliband of the yearLabour leader Ed Miliband has admitted he struggled to hold back tears at the TUC conference this week as the nations of the world joined together to crown him the greatest politician of his generation.

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