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Writer of the Month for January 2009 is Genghis Cohen

Genghis CohanGenghis Cohen hasn’t received a more valuable porcelain honour since he beat hundreds of millions of rivals to be named World’s Best Dad last Father’s Day. Sadly that triumph proved no guarantor of domestic esteem, and the faded black eye he can be seen sporting in this photo is the result of a bitter dispute about the legality of flying knee-drops in living room wrestling.

A born winner, the renowned military strategist waited until his four-year-old son retired to bed and nailed the bastard in his sleep. One way or another, respect.

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Writer of the Month for December 2008 is StoopydeGunt

Stoopy De Gunt is named after words a rival try out comic used to describe him as he was gonged off at London’s Comedy Store. He may die again, as his wife thinks the moniker is offensive. Stoopy De Gunt started writing for NewsBiscuit, oh ages ago, then took a long break after failing to understand IDs, passwords or the voting system. After a bleak, self esteem crushing career as a funeral warm up man – AKA a try out act at a comedy club – he enjoys the warmth and bonhomie of Newsbiscuit. If his writing ever does bring about world peace, he’d like to be a beauty contestant

To read more of his work, click here.

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Writer of the Month for November 2008 is Ianslat

ianslat (known in the real world as Ian Slatter) lives in North Somerset with his wife and two children. He wrote his first novel in his early twenties, but it wasn’t published as it was rubbish. Now in his early thirties, and due to a short concentration span he now prefers writing sketches and (believe it or not) spoof news stories. Some of both have been deemed worthy of use, and he’s been submitting stories to Newsbiscuit since 2007. Ian’s advice to anyone wanting to write is “don’t work in insurance”.

It won’t help you write, but it’s still excellent advice.

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NewsBiscuit Writer of the Month

The Writer of the Month award was introduced in October 2008 to honour excellence in the heating and ventilation industry – no, hang on, ‘to acknowledge the talents and efforts of those writers who have made the best contribution to the site over the previous month’. The prestigious award was initially given to the writer who scored the most front page stories each month, but since August 2011 has been given to the author the month’s most-read story. Despite this change, monetary bribes and sexual favours continue to be looked on favourably by the judges.

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Writer of the Month for October 2008 is NealDoran

Neal started writing for NewsBiscuit in September 2007 and hasn’t looked back since, which is probably why he gets involved in so many road traffic accidents. In that time he’s managed a couple of dozen or so front page mentions, got a few jokes on BBC radio, and now hopes to do a bit more of that sort of thing. Thrilled to be named ‘Miss October’, his likes include sunset walks on the beach and world peace, while his dislikes include negative people, war, and cellulite. Originally from London, Neal now lives in Dublin with his wife and toddling son.

Read more of Neal’s stories here.

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