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Interesting Figures for Covid Infection Rates, by Country, really interesting to see comparative curves of infection rates & how they Vary by country., Obviously China...

7 Rowly 03.04.20 7:12pm
Old Jokes Home - 23456

Man A: "My mother made me a homosexual." Man B: "Ooh, if I give her the wool can she make me one?" C'mon, Biscuits, what have you got lurking in your comedy attics?...

169 shitsu_tonka 03.04.20 5:16pm
I notice and increase in the quality and volume of subs lately

Also the "Top 10" has had 10 entries since the epidemic appeared. I never knew coronavirus could make such a difference, assuming as I did that all NB members were housebound misfits anyway...

1 sydalg 03.04.20 4:16pm
This brought tears to my eyes.

4 Newsdesk 03.04.20 4:15pm
How did you relieve the boredom today?

To relieve the tedium, I have been taking some online courses., I did one on Sign Language, just in case they increase the Social distancing beyond 5 metres, The wife is busy knitting some...

10 Rowly 03.04.20 10:49am
Midfield Diamond
OK, essential shopping forum

Some relevant points made in the news today about people browsing in Boots for make up, others about people shopping for gardening provisions. I don't wear make-up - not in public anyway - but I...

2 throngsman 03.04.20 8:44am
March WOTM

oshaunessy is leading the pack, but there's a few on his tail including - gulp - Titus. You read it here first. Well done all who've pitched this month - 80 tickers published already! Links to all...

25 throngsman 02.04.20 11:13pm
Manual Personality Disorder

Why do so many news reporters flap their hands and arms about while on camera? I've seen people waving their hands well above their heads, as if they're on the Black and White Minstrel Show. To me,...

4 Newsdesk 02.04.20 9:41pm
Coronavirus - what's THAT all about? (Cue slap bass)

[i]'People deal with stress in many ways. Tom van Kalken went with "writing a whole spec script in which the cast of Seinfeld deals with coronavirus, quarantine, the toilet paper madness, herd...

0 Adrian Bamforth 02.04.20 1:20pm
Adrian Bamforth
. 0 Adrian Bamforth 02.04.20 12:54pm
Adrian Bamforth
The positive thread - 2

I don't mean this to be frivolous - COVID19 and the next few weeks and months are/will be scary/disastrous/tragic for many. But I thought there might be some slivers of good that come out of it in...

59 fletcher 02.04.20 8:05am
I never learn 1 throngsman 01.04.20 4:43pm
The Gloom, Doom & Despair Thread - 2

In order to make fletcher's thread even more bright, cheerful and uplifting by contrast, I thought I'd offer a misery thread. To get myself in the right frame of mind I Wiki'd 'Black Death'. I knew...

38 Titus 01.04.20 10:57am
Thanks so much for the dosh, you lovely, lovely NB people.

Just a quick post to say thanks for the long service award that was transferred in to my account earlier today. To be honest I hadn't realised it had been 11 years already, so the cash came as a...

1 AdrianJ 01.04.20 9:52am
Yet another Brexit triumph!!!

21 Al OPecia 31.03.20 1:29pm
Why Vulnerable People Can't Get Delivery Slots

It happens that I know an Ocado delivery driver. He's a conscientious chap. He reports that all his deliveries are to visibly healthy middle-aged women. None of them are vulnerable. He adds that...

4 Newsdesk 31.03.20 1:15pm
What ad are you getting at top of NB? - 234

I'm currently getting Rolls-Royce cars, which I have to say makes a nice change from the usual 'meet Thai girls' one. I can't afford either...

104 fletcher 31.03.20 8:43am

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

115 Gerontius 31.03.20 8:41am
Remember this...the day Tories CHEERED blocking a pay rise for nurses

Bad enough back then.but looks positively evil now,

18 Gerontius 31.03.20 7:52am
THIS COUNTRY...and other things to binge watch while in lock-down

Any recommendations?, TV, Film, Books, Radio, 'This Country' is pure joy, I'm currently watching 'The Man in the High Castle'.excellent series...

8 Gerontius 30.03.20 5:29pm
Prince Charles

Now that he seems to be over the virus, as I understand it he is now immune to a further infection, at least in the short term. So this makes him an ideal candidate for working on the frontline as...

5 Rootin Tootin 30.03.20 4:50pm
Midfield Diamond
Any news at home over the last few weeks?

Me and Mrs Eagle have just returned home this morning after 5 weeks in New Zealand (by God, that was a long old flap.), Has owt happened at home while we've been away?, Roads seemed very quiet...

2 Walter Eagle 30.03.20 4:31pm
I think that Corona virus has shown up Brexiteers for the small minded ...

… wankbags that they actually are. Titus "Ooh we don't need a an extra layer of supra-national governance" - yes we do you unforgivable cunt. Fuck completely off - go and have a look at your stock...

2 Al OPecia 30.03.20 6:20am
Al OPecia
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23141516

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

452 Dick Everyman 29.03.20 7:50pm
It's time we had a special coronavirus dead pool

I wouldn't bet on Charles but I'd have a punt on Philip if he catches it. Anyone know if Vera Lynn has it?...

1 sydalg 29.03.20 7:30pm

With both our legislative and constitutional leaders currently [s]hiding[/s] self-isolating, this could be an ideal time for any reasonably ambitious megalomaniac to stage a revolution and seize...

8 Titus 29.03.20 9:34am
Oops 2 Al OPecia 29.03.20 8:24am
Trump - staggering arrogance and terrifying recklessness from a complete fool - 2

The video is terrible (as in terrifying) from 50 seconds to the end. Let's hope if they do test these then he's the first in the queue to roll up his sleeves. This man is a fucking crackpot and...

33 Chipchase 29.03.20 7:34am
Putin doesn't appear to be taking any chances....

1 Dick Everyman 28.03.20 5:31pm
How's Boris Johnson handling the crisis then - 2

Here's this morning's Guardian piece that pulls no punches after last night's broadcast. ...

37 Chipchase 28.03.20 10:20am