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The BBC take all complaints very seriously

Having watched a BBC interview with the editor of the Jewish Chronicle,Stephen Pollard, after he had published an entire front page entreating Jewish and non Jewish supporters not to vote...

1 tonymc81 12.11.19 4:11pm
MPs indulge in doing things they wouldn't normally do

As election fever hots up, candidates for the election are travelling up and down the country partaking in activities they wouldn't normally do, like toasting marshmallows around an open fire,...

29 throngsman 12.11.19 2:54pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23464748

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1427 bonjonelson 12.11.19 12:53pm
Mail goes for broke in biggest made-up-utter-bollocks-headlines-ever stakes

Can't this comic be proscribed? Fuckwits who are actually allowed to vote read and believe the shite it prints.

10 Chipchase 11.11.19 11:17pm
Did You Know?

The Withdrawal Agreement is 75% recycled. [url=][/url] Click...

0 Newsdesk 11.11.19 10:34pm
This'll have you singing

2 Sinnick 11.11.19 4:06pm
You couldn't make this up...

[url=]Is this going to be your typical Brexit party candidate?[/url] It'd be interesting to see what the...

8 Dick Everyman 10.11.19 10:13am
Al OPecia

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

96 Gerontius 10.11.19 7:25am
Ever wondered what real people wear at work?

How to look like a pleb while canvassing on behalf of millionaires, The Boris Johnson day-to-day guide as to what to wear and where.. ‘what simple folk do at work’ Monday morning : Hospital...

1 Gerontius 09.11.19 11:23am
Things are looking bad ..

[url=].. for billionaires[/url]...

1 Sinnick 08.11.19 3:23pm
I'd just like to apologise...

for being so 'active' on the forum at this time on a Saturday night. Strictly is on, and I have some 'spare time'. I'd like to confidently state that I do 'have a life'. And yes, I have a vino open...

11 fletcher 07.11.19 6:40pm
Brexit Party,the party of the British working man?

1 tonymc81 07.11.19 6:01pm
Climate change is only part of the problem : THIS is the next big thing

We contribute to climate change, But this other stuff is something we are totally responsible for, We have all noticed the decline in wildlife.birds and the bees.but why so sudden, why such a...

1 Gerontius 07.11.19 4:52pm
It's just not as funny when you explain the joke

I guess I should have written a less subtle headline but the editor decided to add 'terrorist group' UKIP to my story, and amended the article accordingly. What was meant to be a dry satirical piece...

4 Adrian Bamforth 06.11.19 9:48am
Sir Lupus
How much longer do you think Boris Johnson will stay leader of the Tory Party

Can't see him sticking around to be a Shadow Puppet...

10 Gerontius 06.11.19 9:18am
How much longer do you think Jeremy Corbyn will stay leader of the Labour party

after this coming election is over? Whoever then takes over, the prime minister of the time might then, at last, have to shape up a bit...

10 Titus 05.11.19 7:45pm
How come Farage gets his own regular radio show during an election?

Isn't that just an ongoing party political broadcast? Does LBC have regular shows for Jeremy, Boris, Joanne and Wee Jimmy Krankie?...

19 fletcher 05.11.19 12:33pm
Public Delight At Hearing Psephologists Saying, For Once, 'Er, We Don't Know'

(Thought this might be best here in the Chat Room) 'Ee, ah'm right glad as they's said that at last' commented Ethel Higginbottam from Scunthorpe. 'I were beginnin' t'think it were jus' me as...

1 Titus 05.11.19 11:53am
Dirty Old Clown

He met my love by the gas works wall, Creamed a dream by the old canal, Kissed my girl by the factory wall, Dirty old clown, Dirty old clown...

0 Gerontius 04.11.19 9:01am
October WOTM competition

Just like last month, Chip and Tony are slugging it out for the honours. Unlike last month, there's no real rearguard action to take the battle away. Full list of FPs, NiBs and Left Alerts on the...

25 throngsman 02.11.19 7:21pm
Trump, Farage, Boris Johnson and media manipulation

Are Joe & Jane Bloggs so gormless these days that they will actually think this kind of risible shite is as a result of anything other than cynical and blatant stage management? (see links...

3 Chipchase 01.11.19 9:14am
Election Result Forecast

Wahey - a general election! Bring it on. What could possibly go wrong? No pressure , _ _ _ CBA to find it, but some time ago in an earlier post I made the following forecast:, Conservative -...

15 Titus 31.10.19 3:54pm
OH GOOD, AN ELECTION, SAYS NO-ONE. 'Oh, good!' says me, for one.

More hilarious chaos soon. Bring it on - it will enliven a dull and dreary winter ...

2 Titus 31.10.19 2:54pm
Who's the biggest narcissist - Johnson or Trump?

I must confess that with most of the focus in our home media in recent weeks / months having been on Brexit and Boris, I had almost thought the title was safely his by a country mile. However the...

13 Chipchase 31.10.19 1:21pm
Walter Eagle
Oh So Smart

My electricity supplier admits that their smart meter has been overcharging. You couldn't make it up, could you...

13 Newsdesk 31.10.19 9:06am
The French at least, if no-one else, are at last beginning to realise ...

that the worst possible outcome would [i]not[/i] be a no-deal Brexit. The worst possible thing would be an indefinite continuation of the present ongoing, ceaseless, indecisive farting about. At...

9 Titus 30.10.19 5:34pm
Not Amused
Wrong room 0 Adrian Bamforth 29.10.19 1:22pm
Adrian Bamforth
Are the Lib Dems doing it for a laugh?

What the Hell is Swinson playing at FFS? Not co-ordinating with Labour is going to get us a Tory Government with a big fat majority. Unless Farage's Heroes don't co-operate with Johnson - but I...

17 Al OPecia 29.10.19 10:35am

(1) We have a general election (2) The Labour party, led by Our Jeremy, emerges with a working parliamentary majority (3) We [i]still[/i] don't get a clear Brexit decision [i]Aaaagggh![/i], _ _ _...

2 Titus 29.10.19 10:30am
Pub Joke

A Scotsman walks into a pub. The pub is deserted. All the Englishmen, Welshmen & Irishmen are still in Japan ...

20 Titus 27.10.19 11:46pm