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damn, rongrum... OK then. Black Bonds and racial stereotyping.

Every so often, Idris Elba gets mentioned as a possible next Bond. The support is often couched around "isn't it time we had a black Bond?". The counter arguments are either of the "Bond is an...

13 cinquecento 14.08.18 8:15am
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23414243

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1285 bonjonelson 13.08.18 11:00pm
Lovely Brexit FP today

Really good work, need more of that sort of calibre...

5 Vertically Challenged Giant 13.08.18 10:50pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23383940

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1173 The All New Jeni B 13.08.18 3:34pm
August Writer of the Month competition

A couple of days early for the mid month results, but I'm off for a mini break and while scraping the day's results is straightforward enough, pulling the results while trying to order yet another...

1 throngsman 13.08.18 9:35am
.. and in local news

"Police hunt naked man making kitten noises while hiding in bush", (Warrington Guardian) Do the police really think making kitten noises will help them to find the perv ?...

3 Sinnick 12.08.18 11:22pm
Second referendum? - 23567

As a Leaver, I have not supported a second referendum. But, by rights, if it happened it should have three options, and a second round after one option is knocked out. The options would be:, 1. go...

195 MzWibble 12.08.18 9:28pm
Al OPecia
Should Boris be apologising for plagiarism? Chortle...

9 riesler 12.08.18 12:59am
Wrong bloody room

I take a couple of weeks off posting and forget everything I ever learned! Shoot me while I still understand why...

1 throngsman 11.08.18 9:54pm
The NHS at a stroke - 2

Praise where it is due., Two days ago I had a stroke. Well, a mini one anyway apparently., I was just getting out of the shower when I started losing some sight in my left eye. I thought it...

32 beau-jolly 11.08.18 4:00pm
Friday Afernoon

It's near the end of the week and clearly people are looking forward to the week-end / play-time. Unfortunately this has led to a series of trivial and/or just silly posts and even complete threads...

3 Titus 10.08.18 3:58pm
Why is the government allowing the high street to die?

Is it because they/the banks want everything to go online so they have full control over your finances and spending. Get rid of those pesky cash sales, OR, Have the spivs got their eyes on all that...

3 Gerontius 10.08.18 3:27pm
I'm coming out...

.of retirement to congratulate Titus on his SPAM piece. How have you all been? (Leaves as people begin to answer)...

5 Iroquois Pliskin 06.08.18 3:17pm
Iroquois Pliskin
John Gray

Very interesting to hear what John Gray had to say on BBC Radio Four's 'A Point of View' this morning: So much for all the trendy-lefties who naively think...

3 Titus 06.08.18 10:09am
John O'Farrell

Was on Radio 4 the other day. Excellent...

10 Scroat 04.08.18 6:55am
July WOTM competition

A close competition this month, with plenty of contenders. See the [url=]blog[/url] for more info, otherwise just scroll down for the...

18 throngsman 03.08.18 3:03pm

Dear Sir, Concerns have recently been raised that the silent operation of electric vehicles makes them a greater danger to pedestrians and other road users than those of the conventional engine...

1 Terry Bunn 02.08.18 2:56pm
Cemetery Unhappy About Titus's Suggested Eventual Epitaph: 'He Fucked Off.' 2 Titus 02.08.18 2:41pm
Your favorite satire sites?

Besides Onion and this site, what else do people read ? I am a fan of which parodies clickbait. I also read which parodies women issues. I mainly follow all this on...

25 Dumbnews 02.08.18 2:40pm
The Cliff Richard payout

It seems so easy for a big corporation like the BBC to just agree some huge compensation package like this. But who is actually paying? It is the licence payers of course. So actually, the people...

5 Rootin Tootin 27.07.18 3:03pm
Verbal assault

Just curious. Can it be regarded as verbal assault if you just use adjectives and nouns? I feel there may be a loophole here...

5 bonjonelson 27.07.18 9:45am
Not Amused
Bad Writer Accused Of Using Amateur/Improper Nouns In Place Of Real Or Pronouns

Hat tip to bonjonelson ...

0 Titus 27.07.18 7:02am
What are you doing to keep out of the sun?

As it as hot as a holiday we are being advised to keep out of the heat. How are you all achieving it? Yesterday while sitting in the shade contemplating that it was too hot to bumble about in the...

20 beau-jolly 26.07.18 12:45pm
The Trump effect

I've just had an email from a supplier letting me know that fresh stock of their Bourbon will have a 25% retaliatory tariff applied to it as the EU responds to USA tariffs., [i]"From 22nd June 2018...

5 beau-jolly 25.07.18 7:05am
Al OPecia

Just wanted to award five stars to SamSmith for his superb front-page article on wasps, but couldn't find the post in the Writers' Room...

7 Titus 22.07.18 7:42am
wong womb

Easily done...

0 beau-jolly 21.07.18 3:05pm
You come back after a couple of months & then post in the wrong room.

So what have I missed ? Is Brexit all organised ? Take it we got knocked out of the footie in the 1st round...

7 MADJEZ 21.07.18 12:15pm
The BBC & Cliff Richard

I can't find a witty, succinct or satirical way of saying the following (I'm not particularly impressed by my story in the Writers' Room) so I'm making my observations here, straight. I am...

8 Titus 19.07.18 3:48pm
Does anyone else fancy Laura Kuenssberg?

This could be important...

13 Arthur 19.07.18 10:16am
Oops wrong room 0 ron cawleyoni 15.07.18 9:54pm
ron cawleyoni