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Midge burgers

Any of you responsible for this one? The latest in a long line of healthy Scottish consumables?...

2 Midfield Diamond 21.06.18 6:08pm
Oh Bollox 3 throngsman 21.06.18 4:08pm
Not Amused

Nice one (by the week's editor)...

0 Wrenfoe 21.06.18 11:59am

Missed out on Tunisia, but where can I buy a Panamanian flag to wave? [Awaits death threats]...

5 Titus 21.06.18 10:59am
Charge of The Ticker Brigade.

Great to see Ticker Headlines now changing far more regularly practically daily,, Well done backroom staff and belated thanks to Titus for raising the issue a few, Weeks ago...

0 ron cawleyoni 20.06.18 9:29pm
ron cawleyoni
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23373839

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1166 The All New Jeni B 20.06.18 5:52pm
I think that if enough of us ...

… one star all of Titus' posts we'll have a top ten of his one-star wonders...

3 Al OPecia 20.06.18 1:16pm
NewsBiscuit Numbers

I presume 'The NewsBiscuit Writers' Room - Top Ten Posts' should normally list 10 posts. There's probably a clue in the name of that section. So why does it frequently list fewer - sometimes a lot...

16 Titus 20.06.18 7:43am

We had a visit from the enforcement officer of Dorset Waste Partnership the other day. He asked to see our copy of the duty of care certificate. I had inadvertently recycled it., We were given 14...

10 beau-jolly 19.06.18 4:45pm

I come back now and then to check the gammon level, but it's still pretty ridiculous, so I'll throw a few one stars around and fuck off again...

3 bonjonelson 19.06.18 1:02pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23414243

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1277 bonjonelson 19.06.18 8:55am
wrong room.

Schoolboy error...

0 chrisf 18.06.18 8:01am
Clean up on aisle four

First time I've asked this but can the Ed or Admin please remove Titus' Grenfell anniversary ticker from the Top Ten and Writers' Page please? I have friends who publish on this site. Oh and I...

4 GCHQ 16.06.18 9:33pm
"more soon..." archive?

Is there an archive of the "more soon" ticker headlines anywhere, or do they just vanish off into the electronic afterlife somewhere when replaced?...

6 bonjonelson 16.06.18 10:54am
June WOTM Competition

It's that time of the month again and we have a two horse race at the moment. For more info mosey over to the [url=]Blog[/url]...

3 throngsman 15.06.18 4:23pm
NB's Naughty & Nice list - 2

Hi All, Our lovely Tech Guy has kindly let me borrow the keys to the back office, which mainly contains JoF's old porn stash. However, among all the cobwebs and nipples I have managed to upgrade a...

42 Wrenfoe 15.06.18 9:44am
Brexiteer Turns Remainer After EU Issues Directive Against Silent One-Starring 0 Titus 15.06.18 12:39am

Just as a brief aside: interesting to note the widespread use of the word 'backstop' in connection with Brexit negotiations. To my shame, I only recently became aware that this is essentially an...

24 Titus 14.06.18 9:33pm
Al OPecia
TrueBiscuit: Trump's homemade video

The funniest thing I've seen for a long time. Play with the sound on:

2 Sinnick 13.06.18 12:05pm
Midfield Diamond
Employee Survey

At work, we've been invited to take part in an Employee Survey. I'm refusing of course, even the invitation got my cynicism juices flowing straight away: [i]We want you to have your say to help us...

5 Midfield Diamond 12.06.18 6:44pm
Distinction Between the Route and the Destination

My previous thread [i]Trade vs. Control[/i] seemed to go out of focus, so I'll start again and try to keep it sharper. In discussion of Brexit negotiations, there seems to be an inability by...

8 Titus 09.06.18 8:23pm
Dragons Den

Just had a Dragons Den idea and thought this might make a good thread. Please suggest you bonkers inventions / business ideas below. My idea: stickers and behaviour charts for husbands. Similar to...

24 deceangli 09.06.18 7:00pm
Holocaust Denial - 2

Never understood Holocaust Denial, let alone the idea of prosecuting anyone for it. Denial of such a clearly established fact (just Dimbleby's initial report...

31 Titus 08.06.18 10:40am
Any one tried to report a crime recently?

It's bloody near impossible. I'm not sure a crime was actually committed but, Last night as I was trying to shut up the shop two knob heads came in and started pretending they were wealthy business...

9 beau-jolly 08.06.18 10:25am
The Amnesia Desk - 2

Shameless plug for my first book, The Amnesia Desk. Spoiler alert: it isn't funny. (This might not surprise regular readers of my subs, but the difference is: it isn't [i]intended [/i]to be funny)...

58 deceangli 06.06.18 9:40pm
Trump denies having ever built a wall around Melania. 1 ron cawleyoni 06.06.18 8:52pm
Duplicate post

My broadband hates me...

0 beau-jolly 06.06.18 12:49pm
Trade vs. Control

Soft Brexiteers want a swift settlement and are willing to accept a lot of continued control from the EU in order to maintain trade. They would hope to diminish EU control in future through...

13 Titus 06.06.18 12:54am
Craft of Comedy UK. 15/16th June 2018.

Roll Up Roll Up to The Craft of Comedy Store, Step right this way The Craft of Comedy Store, is waiting to take you away take you away,, down at Venue Cymru in Llandudno Bay..Llandudno Bay,, The...

1 ron cawleyoni 05.06.18 5:46pm
French readers baffled by lack of feline contributions to this section 0 sockpuppet 05.06.18 8:01am