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How did I not think of this one...?

[url=]BBC News: [/url] The international chain of convenience stores Circle K has offered a public apology in Mexico after it tweeted an offer which was widely...

2 Ugi 18.07.19 9:56pm
WOTM competition July

Wren and Chip are slugging it out together, with Deceangli making a strong challenge. Full list of subs on the...

2 throngsman 18.07.19 10:02am
The odd leak

Does anyone else find the UK Ambassador’s leak very odd? There was nothing vaguely surprising in what he said (Trump being a bit shit at his job) the scandal is the leak itself and who did it?...

19 Wrenfoe 17.07.19 7:51am
Happy [Amazon] Prime Day.!

So far all I've been offered is a large box of baby wipes. I'm 72 FFS!, and it has zero relevance to my spending pattern...

2 Mick Turate 15.07.19 5:25pm

Beyond gobsmacked.

2 Al OPecia 15.07.19 7:51am
Mick Turate
Ticker Machine Stuck Again

Yes, I know, the ticker machine has been stuck for a full three days, but there's no way I'm going to repair it until my December invoice has been settled...

3 Ticker Machine Repair Man 14.07.19 6:36pm
Greengrocery Aisle
Spam - 2

I see the writers' room is full of stuff from one poster again., Mind you all79sporbp got some in too...

44 beau-jolly 12.07.19 10:18pm
Should Boris become PM, then... - 23

On the one hand it will be a complete embarrassment and utter disaster for Britain. But on the other, for us here on NB, it will be an endless source of gift-that-keeps-giving material. So every...

60 Chipchase 12.07.19 5:39pm
Trump - you couldn't make it up

Trump tweets to congratulate himself using 3rd person for something he had no part in by all accounts. Fuck me! Follow that Boris.

20 Chipchase 12.07.19 8:42am
Not honouring Brexit would destroy people's trust in politics - discuss - 2

Phrases similar to the title above have been floated constantly in the press by politicians who seem to be incredibly unaware that many of them lost their credibility a long time ago. I'm sure that...

37 throngsman 09.07.19 6:23pm
Democratic Presidential Candidates

OK maybe just iggrance on my part, but several of the clear front-runners I've never heard of:

8 Titus 09.07.19 10:22am
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23394041

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1220 The All New Jeni B 08.07.19 1:02pm
Site outage today

Having had this conversation this week in the Spam thread [quote]Of all the websites that I visit, NewsBiscuit is the only one that's ever down.[/quote] [quote]I could show you stats to refute that...

18 TechGuy 07.07.19 11:04am
. 3 Wrenfoe 06.07.19 10:26pm
June WOTM competition final

A bit of a busy end to my month, coupled with having to replace my Surface Pro unexpectedly so I'm a little behind schedule. Here's the leaderboard - well done Chippy, keeping Titus at bay and...

13 throngsman 03.07.19 9:07am
Caption competition

[struggling with photo upload, but you know the one. in the meantime] Carrie: "Here's your dining table set back, now stay out of my flat" "You know, from a distance and behind, you look a lot like...

14 Sir Lupus 30.06.19 3:24pm
Peterborough Projections - 2

I know it's difficult because - the Brexit party started from a base of zero, and, - people often tend to vote differently in a by-election to how they would vote in a general election, but: do...

32 Titus 29.06.19 11:14am
Does Brexit mean posh Englishmen will stop being baddies in films?

It used to be Germans - the War, obvs, plus their reputation for efficiency. More recently, posh English accents seem to frighten American audiences. An air of superiority? Surely Boris will stop...

2 deceangli 29.06.19 6:54am
Next General Election Prediction

Monster Raving Loony Party beats both Tory and Labour, Lib Dems and Brexit party both get identical number of seats, around 200 each So that'll settle Brexit won't it?...

2 Titus 25.06.19 11:45am
Open Letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Boris, The other side of The English Channel is France. Brussels is on the other side of The North Sea. As a former Foreign Secretary, I'd have thought you'd have known that. Yours truly,...

4 Newsdesk 25.06.19 9:11am
Peter Bottomly is doing a fabulous job of making a tit of himself ...

… all over the media at the minute. He really lacks any self-awareness at all. Fab job Sir Peter - keep it up!...

21 Al OPecia 24.06.19 10:46am
In a time of Trump...

It's good to remember when America was great despite political turmoils [url=]Musical talents[/url]...

1 Dick Everyman 23.06.19 7:52pm
This is the viewed story in the Guardian today Comfortably ahead of climate change stories and news of war brewing between the US and Iran...

3 sydalg 23.06.19 3:44pm

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

89 Gerontius 23.06.19 11:35am
Terry Bunn
The vote and how it could pan out

OK Bozza wins first round but didn't John Major come from the outfield to win before? How is it likely to pan out and what are the permutations?, Boris Johnson 114, Jeremy Hunt 43, Michael...

27 beau-jolly 21.06.19 5:59pm
The most fantastic adjective in the English language - 2

[quote]" Elland Brewery do a fantastic porter called 1872, which has some fantastic flavours bubbling through it "[/quote] Not sniping personally at this particular NB correspondent in particular,...

56 Titus 20.06.19 8:21am
The present political hiatus is not due to Brexit

Or not entirely. Having both (a) a hung parliament as well as (b) an ineffective opposition are at least equally responsible ...

6 Titus 19.06.19 4:24pm
Al OPecia
Jonathan Sumption

Anyone else been following the Reith Lectures on BBC Radio Four this year? Fascinating, and plenty of food for thought.

0 Titus 18.06.19 8:11am
How can we vote for Spamexit on NewsBiscuit?

Could be a hugely popular policy ...

0 Titus 18.06.19 7:56am
June WOTM mid month results

looks like Chip is doing good, but Titus is hot on his tail. Full list of subs on the [url=]blog[/url] as usual https://1...

3 throngsman 17.06.19 8:06am