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Lib Dems stance - madness or genius? Discuss

When I heard the LD proposal to revoke article 50 immediately without even a referendum if they won power I was dismayed. I felt they'd shot themselves firmly in both feet, but having slept on it,...

3 throngsman 17.09.19 10:11pm

B-J, I know how much you appreciate Australian wine:...

7 Sinnick 17.09.19 10:02pm
September WOTM competition

Chip and Tony are slugging it out at the top, while Wren and I are just having a friendly battle. As usual all the links are on the...

7 throngsman 17.09.19 7:06pm
Time to change sides on Brexit - 2

I've heard that the Wright brothers, whenever they were having a disagreement on a subject, would periodically switch sides, to try to get a better-balanced view on the matter., Do you think we...

42 Walter Eagle 17.09.19 4:40pm
If Boris is The Hulk . .

which superheroes / villains are t'others?...

17 deceangli 17.09.19 2:57pm
Dawkins nails it. - 2 The sheer weight and volume of postings by dozy Brexit Muppets...

38 Al OPecia 17.09.19 12:50pm
Newsjack Amnesty Page

After firing two sketches off and drawing two blanks, they're now below for posterity. Still putting the one-liners out onto Twitter under the Hashtag #NewsjackRejects TV now and ITV have filled...

0 james_doc 17.09.19 9:08am
Boris/Cummings plan - 2

I've been thinking about the tactics of what went on last week and what might be planned. This is a long shot but worth thinking about. This may end up a bit long. Assumptions / Unknowns:, 1) Does...

38 Not Amused 16.09.19 4:59pm

3 Al OPecia 16.09.19 7:48am
Shouting the Odds - 2

40 Titus 14.09.19 9:35pm
Al OPecia
Rudd’s had enough

Johnson has been PM for 6 weeks. My view was that I thought he was a well-educated but essentially an eccentric fool. Turns out though that already he has been totally corrupted by power and he has...

20 Chipchase 14.09.19 9:54am
Cameron's accuses Boris and Gove of 'acting appallingly'

No mention about calling an advisory referendum without research and promising up front to 'honour the result'. Discuss (winces)...

2 throngsman 14.09.19 8:51am
Indian poppadom ticker - not our finest moment

I don't want to be the Thought Police, but could I politely suggest that the ticker about the Indian moon probe failing to arrive - everybody to get free poppadoms - would carbon date to around 1974?...

11 deceangli 11.09.19 1:52pm
Potential Prime Ministers - A Quick NewsBollosck Survey

(1) Re-arrange the following list of names in order of the probability of them being the PM in, say, 12 months time. Then (2) in order of how much you think British voters would like to see them as...

8 Titus 10.09.19 10:00am

Bollosck. Wrong room ...

3 Titus 09.09.19 10:38pm
Just in case anyone was wondering about what's been happening in my town lately.

2 Oxbridge 09.09.19 1:25pm
I want a General Election. NOW. And I will accept whatever the result is.

Unlike some of our MPs and other political commentator, who pretend to want democracy but actually want something rather very different - principally, to have their own way and bollosck to the wishes...

10 Titus 08.09.19 5:10pm
BBC bias

When you look at all the people accusing the BBC of bias, they seem to come from all sides. So the BBC must be doing it right. It really is pathetic to make these accusations when you don't like...

8 Scroat 08.09.19 12:00pm
Captions please !

Captions anyone ?...

21 Sinnick 08.09.19 8:14am
Sign up 404 error

Hello all/admin - a mate is trying to join in the fun but is getting a 404 ‘page doesn’t exist’ error on the sign in page, are you aware of this?, Thanks!...

2 m4x 08.09.19 6:55am
For you musos out there

Just been paying Night Comes In by Richard Thompson (A, Em, D, C). Really satisfying chords. Headphones on now, Freewheeling" Bob on 11. Yes, my volume goes up to 11...

2 Scroat 07.09.19 10:06am
Could Boris Johnson actually be clinically deranged

Up until now Boris has presented in public as and slightly eccentric lovable (mostly harmless) roguish buffoon. However since assuming the office of PM his actions and judgement seem to be more...

13 Chipchase 06.09.19 11:15pm
Anybody looking for a job?

According to this website there are currently 29 MPs who have stated they are standing down at the next election, whenever that may be. must be an opportunity for a biscuiteer, and after all, what...

2 throngsman 05.09.19 9:03pm
Al OPecia
Boris' first PMQ

Did anyone watch this today? Following losing his slender majority and his first vote - apparently the last time that happened to a new PM was to Pitt the Younger in the 1780s - he didn't actually...

12 throngsman 05.09.19 8:53am
Newsjack returns next week to BBCRadio4Extra

Submissions: sketches Monday, oneliners Tuesday., Good luck!, Details here:,

1 dominic_mcg 05.09.19 1:49am
Adrian Bamforth
How To Guides - BB Code on the forum - 2

This forum can do lots of fancy things: here's how. [size=4]Post Images[/size] And you do that like this:,...

41 admin 03.09.19 9:35pm
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23131415

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

429 Dick Everyman 03.09.19 8:33pm
Sir Lupus
'From the Archives'

May I just say 'Thank you' to Our Masters for this feature? Not for the first time, today's gem from the past (Oxy's masterpiece 'PUB WHERE ALL THE JOKES HAPPENED FORCED TO CLOSE') has made me...

2 Titus 03.09.19 9:58am
WOTM Aug 2019

Mid month point and technically Wren is leading. But technically he isn't because of that darned Wren rule! Tonymc81 is the guy to watch out for, with Dom not far behind. Links to all the subs on...

18 throngsman 03.09.19 6:33am
ron cawleyoni
FT blog 'submerging markets' bond rating: the 'North Atlantic Archipelago'

A nice [url=]mock report on the troubled islands here[/url] some snippets: [quote] the premier manoeuvred through the...

0 Sir Lupus 02.09.19 11:04pm
Sir Lupus