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All you need to know about The Brexit Party - 2

is here on their website: Bwahahahaha!...

41 Benvoleo 22.05.19 1:50pm
Your Chance to become an Official Biographer

On the NewsBiscuit website is a section entitled “ROLL OF HONOUR, ROGUES’ GALLERY AND INTERPOL’S ‘MOST WANTED.’” Click [url=][u]here[/u][/url] if you...

10 Newsdesk 22.05.19 11:07am
Lookalikes? Are they related? Uncanny resemblance

Dear Sir or Madam Whilst surfing the web the other day, I couldn’t help being struck by the uncanny resemblance of former England football coach Sven-Göran Eriksson and Tory MP Peter Bone. I...

19 farmer giles 20.05.19 8:15am
farmer giles

wrong stadium, I was going to write a piece on You Tube being told to take down video evidence of Man City's brutal murder of Watfordbut got sidetracked...

0 Gerontius 20.05.19 8:10am
What should remain leaning voters do in the EU elections? - 2

Given there will be a push to get TM's deal through before the vote but accepting it probably won't work, and being realistic enough to realise that the EU elections have nothing to do with whether...

31 throngsman 17.05.19 1:52pm
Danny Baker....discuss - 2 52 Wrenfoe 16.05.19 12:21pm
WOTM May 2019

Mid month and Wren is back on form. Full list of links to subs on [url=]blog[/url]...

0 throngsman 15.05.19 8:19pm
Cutting Edge Technology

Looking at the Top Ten just now, I see that … a) There are only five entries, of which b) One is a deleted post and c) Of the remainder, three-quarters are by Titus. My question is, how...

7 Newsdesk 15.05.19 7:51am
Best Selfies

[url=][/url] Ms Bryde Town with her smart meter. (Click [url=][u]here[/u][/url] to...

0 Newsdesk 15.05.19 5:23am
Which has more comedy potential - Britain staying in Europe or a Brexit Britain? 12 Dick Everyman 14.05.19 9:07pm
Al OPecia
May WOTM Competition

Please be aware that today's ticker "NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY DEMANDS 3 BILLION POUNDS – WITH MENACES" has been incorrectly attributed to me. I am not complaining -- have no doubt about that -- it's...

2 Newsdesk 14.05.19 7:52pm
Rubbish in the oceans - reality vs the Onion

This [url=]Deepest sub dive finds plastic in Mariana Trench[/url] Reminded me of this...

0 Sir Lupus 13.05.19 10:10pm
Sir Lupus
Old radio comedy

Radio 4 extra has been a great chance to get to listen to some of the legendary comedy programmes of the past. But am I alone in finding some of these classics laughless? I like comedy in all...

18 Rootin Tootin 13.05.19 3:42pm
Sir Lupus
Trump's Tweets

4 farmer giles 12.05.19 8:51pm
farmer giles
Who should take over from May?

Esther McVey has chucked her hat in the ring., Strikes me as a self-serving Brexit-backing hypocrite but,, Nice tits!...

18 beau-jolly 12.05.19 7:54pm
A little thread to track the 2 current petitions - 23567

15:40 Thursday 21st, Remain 1,056,553 signatures, Leave 373,481 signatures, 74:26...

184 beau-jolly 10.05.19 9:01am
Ideas to save the planet - 2

Walking to the shop this morning I couldn't help but notice that someone had chalked Extinction Rebellion logos all over the roads. It worked in as much that it got me thinking about what [i]could...

46 beau-jolly 09.05.19 11:40pm
At this point in time what might Theresa May's Desert Island Discs selection be?

I'll kick off Please Don't Go - KC & The Sunshine Band, I Dreamed a Dream - Les Miserables...

12 Dick Everyman 08.05.19 10:05pm
We Are All People

I’d like to put the record straight and I honestly think that NewsBiscuit is a good place to start. My concern is the appendage of the word “people” where it is not required. Jewish people...

8 Newsdesk 08.05.19 5:22pm
So what was it you were saying about the PEOPLE'S Vote, Titus?

That if PEOPLE really wanted to express an opinion, then why didn't the Remain Parties do well in a poll. Well, they just have. Suck it up...

6 Al OPecia 08.05.19 8:19am
Royal Family negotiate return of Britain to Hanseatic League.

Or the EU, as it is now called...

0 MzWibble 07.05.19 10:59pm
"Brothers! Brothers! We should be struggling together!"

I had to share this. The left hate Extinction Rebellion for actually being productive and popular whilst not being Marxists, and have formatted a letter to "articulate a foundational set of...

5 Adrian Bamforth 07.05.19 9:33pm
Have you woken up to a Lib Dem or Independent Council this morning?

I'm in Wales so nothing to see here...

18 Dick Everyman 07.05.19 4:49pm
Midfield Diamond
Incorrect attribution

Dear Editorial Team The article about Mark Francois … … was not written by me, but...

11 farmer giles 05.05.19 7:24pm
April WOTM competition

Great start to the month, with last month's winner acting as if you can win two months in a row. nickb is also doing a sterling job. Full list of links on the...

21 throngsman 04.05.19 7:35pm
ron cawleyoni
May the 4th be with you...

Oh common, somebody had to...

7 Scroat 04.05.19 4:20pm
Line of Duty

Do we know who H is yet?, Don't forget Steps had a band member who they referred to as 'H', Between 1997 and 2001 Steps had 2 number one albums and sold over 20 million records, If that was not...

4 Gerontius 04.05.19 3:26pm
Al OPecia
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23394041

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1212 The All New Jeni B 02.05.19 6:22pm
Al OPecia
It all seems to have slowed down a bit at the Evening Harold ...

… is everyone all right?

11 Al OPecia 02.05.19 6:00pm
Midfield Diamond
Been overlooked for the Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order yet again

Why not write for Newsbiscuit...

0 Gerontius 02.05.19 9:01am