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Tristram - 2

The labour MP of the gritty northern Stoke Central constituency, the privately educated, Cambridge graduate, son of a Baron, called Tristram quits to becomethe curator of a fashion museum in...

33 Ironduke 21.01.17 10:59pm
Sir Lupus
Today's Protests At Trump's Inauguration Demonstrate Exactly Why He Was Elected

Like a lot of people, I was surprised, concerned and dismayed to learn of Trump's victory in the US presidential contest. But in America, many people were also baffled. [i]Why[/i] would anyone vote...

26 Titus 21.01.17 10:53pm
Sir Lupus
Non-alcoholic wine

A somewhat random question, but anyone got any recommendations of a good non-alcoholic wine?, I don't drink alcohol, haven't done for 3 years or so (medical reasons I won't bore you with here). I've...

8 chrisf 21.01.17 10:36pm
Surprise Party?

Chaps, I just spend a couple of hours counting his submissions and I reckon that his next new post will be Titus' 10,000th. Surely there should be some recognition of this achievement? What can we...

18 Bogbrush 21.01.17 10:33pm

Okay, he's in, he's putting America first and making it great again. Now, please let's leave them to it -change the subject - and re-visit them in another 4 years? Fuck 'em, we've got our own...

8 Dick Everyman 21.01.17 10:02pm
Laws of the Amazon?

I used to sell occasionally on Amazon so I thought I'd renew my account. This email came through after my re-registration and, after contacting them, I found out it wasn't a phishing scam! I'm...

9 Dick Everyman 21.01.17 8:49pm
When a bum bag just won't work... I'm really impressed how this guy squeezed Sadiq Kahn into the front of...

0 Dick Everyman 21.01.17 5:07pm
Dick Everyman
Slow Progress With Left-Handed Snail Sex This story is so good that it almost stands on its own as a TrueBiscuit, and I am posting it in this forum because, to my shame, I can't make up...

7 Titus 21.01.17 1:49pm
Religion in the inauguration

I've never watched one before, but I was struck by just how much religion was involved in the inauguration ceremony for a country where church and state are ostensibly separated. Is it always like...

2 cinquecento 21.01.17 1:00pm
'Un-Nuanced Language' - what a glorious phrase!

As used by an American commentator this morning, referring to Trumps inauguration speech...

0 Titus 21.01.17 8:48am
Lee Harvey Oswald

Your country needs you...

0 Scroat 20.01.17 10:37pm
Dry January? #TryJanuary #Ginuary

Last year the UK drinks industry lost 10% year-on-year in January. That's a big chunk for a big part of the UK economy. (BTW the [i]wine[/i] industry alone directly and indirectly employs 1 in 7...

8 beau-jolly 20.01.17 8:29pm
'World past Peak Satire? ...' Who wrote that ticker? Wonderful phrase! 0 Titus 20.01.17 12:41pm
Trump inauguration FP

Todays FP is a blatent example of the sort of fake news the new president is going to sort out ! . what do you mean true ?...

0 MADJEZ 20.01.17 12:20pm

to the editorial team for the latest front page news story. Some things are indeed beyond satire...

0 Titus 20.01.17 12:14am
John Finnemore

Recently enjoyed the start of his new series on Radio Four. The world he creates in his lunatic imagination often seems more credible than the real one - bit like this place. He'd fit right in...

7 Titus 19.01.17 10:37pm
Does milk ever go off these days?

Thinking back to my youth where there were several occasions where I raided the fridge and swigged sour milk out of the bottle. But I'm currently working my way through a 4 pint bottle which has a...

19 Rootin Tootin 19.01.17 4:14pm
Dick Everyman
Thank you Ian Slatter...

'Ianslat', 'Ianslatter', however he has been known on these pages has been one of our team of editors over the past few years and completes his last stint for us this weekend, as he is leaving to...

20 editor 19.01.17 1:07pm
Des Custard
How do improv comedians come up with good one-liners on the fly?

I've attended a few improv shows and am amazed how quickly they can come up with clever one-liners. For example at one show they asked audience members to name an animal. One person said lion. Within...

10 Dumbnews 18.01.17 3:15pm
Putin: 'Russia Has The Best Prostitutes In The World'

Sorry, just a TrueBiscuit which I cannot improve upon. Maybe he was just taking the piss ...

2 Titus 18.01.17 2:41pm
Anyone been to a Newsjack Writers' Briefing?

I got an invite for Thursday (oh the cleverness of me) - they haven't used any of my sketches on the show, though they say they picked/recorded one which didn't make the edit). I'm quite particular...

21 Adrian Bamforth 18.01.17 2:28pm
Adrian Bamforth
Anyone know what you do when you've forgotten your own Windows Vista password?


7 StoopyDeGunt 18.01.17 12:42pm
Comedy standing the test of time

Taking a cue from some of the comments in the 'least funny comedian' thread. what's the oldest comedy material that you still find genuinely belly-laugh funny (as opposed to 'I've read the notes so...

25 cinquecento 17.01.17 12:22pm
Well I'm going down the pub. - 2

I haven't really done that much, but I've tidied the kitchen, done a bit of gardening, taken some rubbish to the dump and picked up the dry cleaning, so I might as well spend the afternoon in the pub...

37 Golgo13 17.01.17 8:17am
Al OPecia
Any books/articles on how to write comedy and one-liners?

Or are we all just self-taught from reading the Onion and other comedy publications?...

6 Dumbnews 16.01.17 1:50pm

My God. His presidency is going to be fun, while it lasts. As for how it ends, your guess is as good as mine. Assassination by lone gunman/FBI/CIA/ISIS? Impeachment? A plane crash to keep the...

9 Scroat 16.01.17 8:52am
The News Quiz R4

Describing Jeremy Hunt "He has the far off look of a horse taking a long wee."...

0 Iscariot 15.01.17 8:03pm
GP or not GP

Just listening to something on the wireless about going to the GP or A&E. I try and avoid both if I can however I was nagged into doing something about the fact I haven't been able to bend one of...

24 beau-jolly 15.01.17 5:04pm
The particular dolly can easily exchange the particular pots

The particular products braking mechanism [url=]SC015 Bulk Cargo Dolly[/url] will be handled from your top added wheels and also actuated if the Tow-Bar will be...

2 xiaoxi123 15.01.17 11:25am
Dead Pool 2017

Time to start a new one, with all due thanks to The All New Jenni B whom I recall from earlier times as Jenni B. The old one is getting bloated (not you Jenni!) and should be archived. Here's my...

28 Iscariot 14.01.17 9:03pm