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What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23474849

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1464 bonjonelson 26.01.20 11:17pm
So - How Are You Folks Going To Celebrate Independence Day On Friday?

I think I will be joining the very happy group of people in my local pub and drink one (or two, or just possibly slightly more) pints good English draught beer...

0 Titus 26.01.20 10:49pm
Odds Changing I see that Lisa Nardy's odds are shortening & beginning to get close to those of Rebbeca...

12 Titus 26.01.20 9:46pm
Look, this is becoming serious. These utter fuckwits are running the world., Compare and contrast the above logos., , Trump terrifies me. This fool and his claque of sycophants hold real power and influence on the world stage. Did...

11 Chipchase 26.01.20 7:34pm
What rules should the EU generate in the wake of UK Withdrawal Agreement?

As I understand it, the UK will continue to abide by the rules of the EU until Brexit is completed, while no longer having any say in them. It must be tempting for the remaining members of the EU to...

17 Midfield Diamond 26.01.20 12:03am
Sometimes Comedy writes itself

[url=]How the word "woke" has been weaponized by the right - Good ol' Guardian Parody Twitter Account. ooops it's the real account[/url] So...

10 thackaray 25.01.20 5:45pm
Slow loading - timing out

Quite often recently I've had difficulty in logging in to any part of the NewsBiscuit website [[i]ignores distant cries of[/i] 'Hooray!! Thank goodness for that'], often getting a message: "This...

4 Titus 25.01.20 2:45pm
Some clarity on Brexiteers immigration plans?, Has Titus been moonlighting on the Daily Mash?...

13 granger 24.01.20 3:34pm
Why The Tories Won - 234

I don't think all those Labour strongholds had a sudden conversion to Toryism. I don't think the policies of the respective parties had much to do with it at all. I think voters, - were fed up...

94 Titus 23.01.20 11:29pm
Number Crunching

Have given up trying to understand how the Top Ten works, especially when there are only 2 & 2nd may have stars but only 3 comments. My question relates to trying to keep better stuff at the top...

20 granger 23.01.20 5:25pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23414243

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1284 The All New Jeni B 23.01.20 12:02pm
Not Amused

I would just like to congratulate (creep grovel) the NewsBiscuit Editorial Team on their wonderful story HS2 RAIL LINK COULD SOON COST AS MUCH AS A SOUTHERN RAIL SEASON TICKET Laughs and glorious...

1 Titus 22.01.20 9:44am
Harry'nMeghan: More A 'Princess Margaret' Story Than A 'Diana' Story?

Diana, like Meghan, subsequently decided she didn't like the lifestyle inevitably required of someone who has freely chosen to marry into the royal family, and decided to leave. But Diana's husband...

1 Titus 22.01.20 1:45am
Next Country to Leave the EU

Luxembourg 4:1, Italy 17:1, Greece 36:1

10 Titus 21.01.20 7:34pm
Press coverage compared: Meghan vs Kate I'm not usually one for buzzfeed, but this side by side comparison of how the tabloids treat Kate...

8 Sir Lupus 21.01.20 12:08pm
''Gypsy King' Tyson Fury may just have gone beyond parody

This is worthy of any fake news site. [url=]Tyson[/url]...

6 Chipchase 20.01.20 10:28am
Time for some Newt Ickers perhaps?

Just a suggestion ...

2 Titus 20.01.20 12:51am
Captions Please...

16 Dick Everyman 19.01.20 3:03pm
January 2020 WOTM competition

It should b e no surprise that we have a two horse race going on for the first competition of the year, with Chip nudging just ahead of Wren. Full list of subs with links on the...

0 throngsman 15.01.20 7:14pm
Purity or Power?

So - which way is the Labour party going to go? Into obscurity, religiously following its ideological purity all the way up into its doomed cul-de-sac? Or try to regain broad popularity with...

13 Titus 15.01.20 11:03am
I'm astonished that this story hasn't knocked Meghan and Harry off the FP

4 Al OPecia 15.01.20 10:11am
It's a funny way to earn a living ...


10 Sinnick 14.01.20 6:30pm
Al OPecia
What ad are you getting at top of NB? - 2

I'm currently getting Rolls-Royce cars, which I have to say makes a nice change from the usual 'meet Thai girls' one. I can't afford either...

42 fletcher 14.01.20 9:44am
Sussex success as media coverage now down to just first 10 pages

Stepping back from the limelight working out well for HaM...

2 Gerontius 13.01.20 12:35pm
Harry & Megan - the flip side

So, HRHs are coming in for some flak for their announcement. But what if this was a debating competition and you had to debate their side? What would your theme be? I think I'd go for "If you're...

15 fletcher 12.01.20 9:59am
December 2019 WOTM - final

Fully awaiting the results of a Steward's enquiry, I apparently appear to have awarded myself enough points to reach the top of the leaderboard. Plenty of great subs from our contributors this month...

22 throngsman 12.01.20 9:10am
The ultimate Oz fire photo

No satire, just respect for a brilliant photograph (and my nomination for pic of the year already): ...

21 Titus 10.01.20 5:35am

Dear Sir, I was unable to sleep a wink all night for worrying about the news of the Royals. Why are only some of them going to Canada and for only half a year - why not all of them permanently?...

2 Terry Bunn 09.01.20 2:26pm
Terry Bunn
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23131415

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

448 Dick Everyman 07.01.20 5:59pm
Is (Are?) British Politics Broken?

And if so, who broke it (or them)? The Labour party, for deliberately deciding to make itself unelectable?, The nasty evil capitalist bastard Tories, for being the nasty evil capitalist bastard...

15 Titus 05.01.20 9:58pm