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A little thread to track the 2 current petitions - 23

15:40 Thursday 21st, Remain 1,056,553 signatures, Leave 373,481 signatures, 74:26...

67 beau-jolly 24.03.19 8:55pm
Who needs a petition? Yuri Geller says he can stop Brexit

He has written a letter to Theresa May. [url=]Read it...

6 Sir Lupus 24.03.19 6:28pm
Adrian Bamforth
Lookalikes? Are they related? Uncanny resemblance

Dear Sir or Madam Whilst surfing the web the other day, I couldn’t help being struck by the uncanny resemblance of former England football coach Sven-Göran Eriksson and Tory MP Peter Bone. I...

5 farmer giles 24.03.19 2:15pm
farmer giles
Place Your Bets

[u]Next Tory Leader:[/u] 5.0 : 1 = Johnson, 5.0 : 1 = Gove, 5.5 : 1 = Raab [u]Next PM:[/u] 4.04 : 1 = Corbyn,...

5 Titus 22.03.19 6:55pm
Who else would like to see a general election, sorry, PEOPLE'S general election? 4 Titus 22.03.19 6:22pm
Hidden gems....and other stuff we should be listening to

Durand Jones lets the drummer take lead vocals.and the result is amazing,

2 Gerontius 22.03.19 9:22am
May's Tin Ear.

See just doesn't get that the frustration is with her obduracy and inability to compromise. Idiot.

7 Al OPecia 21.03.19 2:07pm
Truebiscuit - Sheffield Council flew Welsh flag on St Patrick's Day

7 deceangli 21.03.19 10:57am
Brexit going well, then?

Spectacular "taking back control" in action...

4 Al OPecia 20.03.19 8:55am
That twat Iain Duncan Smith interviewed on R4 by John"Brexit" Humphries...

Not once did Humphries challenge IDS's assertion that "The British People" voted for: Brexit, A Tory Govt Brexit 37% of the Electorate, Tories - minority govt run by the DUP and ERG. Humphries...

2 Al OPecia 20.03.19 8:50am
Dick Everyman
We had a no deal brexit intervention which hit the site today

Bercow has come in and banned it from hitting us with the same hack more than twice so its all a bit quieter now I hope...

2 TechGuy 19.03.19 10:39pm
A Note To Our Masters

Is it my imagination, or are more stories being posted up on the front page recently? If so, thank you; it gives more contributors some exposure, and gives all of us (and the wider viewing public)...

2 Titus 19.03.19 8:51am
Perhaps for every British Soldier prosecuted, the IRA should identify one bomber - 2 31 Titus 19.03.19 8:33am
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23131415

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

423 Dick Everyman 19.03.19 8:24am
Dick Everyman

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

84 Gerontius 19.03.19 6:51am
March 2019 WOTM competition

Very exciting start to this month, with lots of subs and the editors posting above average numbers - fantastic. The top four positions show a really close competition. Hyperlinks to subs on the...

13 throngsman 18.03.19 10:02pm
February WOTM competion

Mid month and nickb is in the lead. Full list of FP, NiB and LA links [url=]on the blog[/url]....

12 throngsman 18.03.19 11:05am
Theresa May 'The Chronic Brexit' feat Snoop Mogg...

[url=]1.30m Cassetteboy-style rap video covering the May deal[/url]...

0 Sir Lupus 18.03.19 9:31am
Sir Lupus
Eurostar stage demonstration of the advantages of the customs union.

3 riesler 18.03.19 8:10am
IS bride should live in Holland.

If her husband goes to jail in Holland (6 years, out in 3) even while he's in jail she can then move to Holland, get a Dutch pasport, and visit the UK for as long as she likes, until Brexit. Brexit...

22 MzWibble 17.03.19 9:35pm
Two Questions

(1) If there is no clear outcome from the forthcoming Parliamentary votes, would readers like there to be an early, swift, General Election? And (2) if there were to be such an election, ignoring...

17 Titus 17.03.19 6:54am

Bollosck - wrong room. [Sigh] I should know better at my age ...

0 Titus 15.03.19 10:42pm
Video I made for jollies

[url=]Every Rose Has its Thorn improved by adding Jeremy Corbyn and Jess Phillips[/url]...

1 Adrian Bamforth 15.03.19 7:14pm
What May SHOULD have done

(1) Sack the Cabinet rebels. Whatever your views on Brexit, either you're part of the government, right or wrong, or you are not. Then (2) Call a general election. The outcome couldn't lead to...

11 Titus 15.03.19 1:52pm
Thoughts on Warren and Alan Partridge?

I have to watch Alan Partridge through my fingers to avoid over-cringe. I did laugh out loud though when he called the guest Clunt - no, its Fluck, Ah! I see what I've done there. Jury out on...

22 beau-jolly 15.03.19 11:33am
Rootin Tootin
Expert Political Advice Required

The main sticking point with the negotiated Brexit deal is the Irish border. I know that because they tell me every few minutes on the radio. An increasingly likely alternative is to quit the EU...

26 Newsdesk 14.03.19 10:02pm
Sir Lupus
A Poll (and no, NOT about Br*x*t)

Fantasy time: which of the following achievements / awards would NB readers / subscribers / members / (whatever participants choose to classify themselves as) regard as the most satisfying? - NB...

2 Titus 14.03.19 5:29pm
Bored with losing Commons votes? Write for NewsBiscuit. 3 Titus 14.03.19 4:07pm
Another thread re: (wrongly focused on the EU when that pillock ...) - 234

[quote](that was then wrongly focused on the EU when that pillock Cameron called the referendum, but that's for another thread[/quote] Ok Benvoleo, here's another thread. Its not entirely wrong for...

118 MzWibble 12.03.19 12:21pm
Fed Up Waiting For MPs To Realise That Brexit Simply Means Brexit? Why Not ...

write for NewsBiscuit? ...

5 Titus 11.03.19 9:59pm