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Will Donald Trump win a second term of office?

8 Titus 23.01.19 9:49pm
Al OPecia
"Cancelling Brexit will result in deep social divisions". - 2

Does she watch the telly at all? Whatever happens, these divisions are now laid bare. A complete and utter failure of our political classes, and our "first past the post" system...

30 Al OPecia 23.01.19 8:30pm
Dick Everyman
Fake news detector - excludes Daily Mail

Love this:

0 Sinnick 23.01.19 3:58pm
An NB Poll

Which is the greater threat to us all? (Please rank in order, and give your reasons): (a) - Referendums, (b) - The EU, (c) - The Jews, (d) - Anti-Semites, (e) - The evil capitalist Tory...

10 Titus 23.01.19 9:16am
Are we in a better place now than we were 2010 when the Tories replaced Labour?

Was the country a better place to live when Labour were in power 1997 - 2010, Or have the Tories made the country a better place to live 2010 -2019? Was the country a happier place to live during...

8 Gerontius 22.01.19 11:30pm
What next for May? - 2

She's backed herself into a corner. She can A) General election (resign), B) Second referendum (back to square one), C) Embrace Corbyn's Brexit Ironically c) is the one she will hate the most...

42 Wrenfoe 22.01.19 10:01pm
Why We're The first Country To Quit The EU - 2

One of the alleged virtues of the EU is that it has 'prevented wars in Europe'. Well, in the sense that it may have discouraged a re-match between Napoleon & Hitler, possibly. But at the cost...

30 Titus 22.01.19 4:26pm
TrueBiscuit: Pence compares Trump favourably with MLK

There's a lot of Independent wrapping, and it may not run in IE11, but this on Martin Luther King public holiday:...

0 Sinnick 22.01.19 4:18pm
Who is behind the drones at Gatwick? - 2

Place your bets now., Russians?, ISIS?, Remainers?, Greens?, Marxists?, Anarchists?, Local anti-airport-expansion activists?, Punks?, Vegans?, The Chinese?, Some mad nutter who hates...

47 MzWibble 22.01.19 11:27am
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23383940

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1198 The All New Jeni B 22.01.19 7:05am
Mark Mardell: 'Brexit - A Love Story?' - 2

Have others here been as impressed as I have been by Mark Mardell's comprehensive, authoritative and detailed retrospective narrative series on BBC Radio Four? Whether you are a Brexiteer or a...

44 Titus 21.01.19 7:59pm
Prince Phillip 'crash debris' for sale on ebay....

I see [url=]my sub[/url] didn't go far enough. I had the victims being proud to have been injured by the royals, but i didn't have passers-by flogging...

0 Sir Lupus 21.01.19 11:49am
Sir Lupus
We're famous! And some people are bigger nuts than us!

[url=](might offend some people. not sure why)[/url] they...

9 MzWibble 21.01.19 8:53am
New American national monument

This is an idea for somebody else because it calls for expertise in photoshop, which I don't have. How about a photo of that thingy with the faces of four presidents, with all four faces replaced by...

3 Renrag 21.01.19 7:07am
oops 0 Al OPecia 20.01.19 9:38am
Al OPecia

They obviously didn’t think this one through!!...

3 Scroat 19.01.19 6:47pm
Paul L
Oxford bans octopus from menu as sick squid is too much for ordinary students 2 throngsman 19.01.19 4:54pm
The greatest hazard facing this country ...

would not be a hard Brexit (I could live with that), but would be the Labour party acquiring a different leader. That would lead to the risk of a Labour government and that really [i]would[/i] lead...

10 Titus 19.01.19 11:05am
Corbyn's policies - Marxist dogma or mainstream European social democracy?

Lots of people think Corbyn is a Marxist revolutionary nutter. Well, personally he may be, but the policies from the 2017 Labour manifesto aren't. A bigger role for the state in the economy - esp...

8 Sir Lupus 18.01.19 5:46pm
Weasel Words

It's always the giveaway of a dodgy idea when its proponents feel they have to disguise their proposal as something else, using weasel words or a false description when promoting it. A 'People's...

24 Titus 18.01.19 6:38am
Other Reasons For Chaos, Confusion & Uncertainty

May I respectfully suggest that the current confused state of British politics is not entirely due to Brexit alone? Agreed, Brexit is a complex and divisive issue, but there are at least two other...

5 Titus 17.01.19 10:46pm
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23131415

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

422 Dick Everyman 17.01.19 1:17pm
Midfield Diamond
Why is the topic column 8 million miles wide in the writers room?

fine in the chat room. How queer...

1 NotNowCato 17.01.19 12:06pm
Writers' Room format seems to have changed

I can no longer see the columns on the right hand side (who posted, who's commented etc). Anyone else getting this?...

5 Bravenewmalden 17.01.19 11:20am

with great, funny, controversial copy just waiting for exposure, you make up your own bland tat like ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY ‘RESPECT THE PUBLIC VOTE’ PROBABLY DOESN’T., Are you running a...

1 MzWibble 16.01.19 2:26pm
trying to add an image

I'm trying to add an image to my left wing hats sub. It is of Jeremy wearing a Breton cap, and I have found the image but in windows 10 how do I get the url that sits between IMG and /IMG thanks...

3 nickb 16.01.19 2:15pm
Britain's Funniest Writer(s) - 2

Inspired by mention of Douglas Adams in another thread here, which I did not wish to derail further - quick NB poll: in the opinion of contributors here, who are Britain's funniest ever writers? My...

30 Titus 16.01.19 5:21am
Brexit: An uncivil war.

Just seen it, still trying to digest it. Reaching 3 million previously non-voting voters - good. Telling what to vote for - not so sure that's a good idea. Thoughts?...

11 Al OPecia 16.01.19 12:52am
Don't think the Beeb thought this headline through.

4 Al OPecia 15.01.19 11:43pm
January 2019 WOTM comp - mid month

Good start to the year, with nickb just in the lead ahead of Wren, with a gaggle of others slipstreaming the pair of them. All the links, as usual,...

1 throngsman 15.01.19 10:53pm