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Bets taken on first online betting company to fold in an oversaturated market? 11 SteveB 01.04.21 12:01pm
Sir Lupus
Don't kill pretty girls

Nice FP by Wrenfoe today. Desperately sad business behind all this, of course. But I do wonder if mainstream media would care two hoots if the victim was a fat ugly woman...

11 Landfill 31.03.21 10:30pm
Sir Lupus
Yet another Tory screw up.

[url=]We don't need no new information[/url] All mouth and no trousers, just Boarding School shorts...

3 Al OPecia 31.03.21 10:33am
Don't Believe The Hype

Love this bit of understated trolling from a Beeb journalist in this story about the shortage of semiconductors. [quote]"Semiconductors are arguably humanity's greatest achievement to date," says...

10 Sir Lupus 30.03.21 7:35pm
Sir Lupus
At Last - More Tickers!

We seem to have a brisk turnover of wonderful tickers at present - thank you, O Masters! So many of them are excellent (thank you, clever & witty authors) which shows that there's no excuse,...

8 Titus 30.03.21 1:06pm
Another angle on the big stuck boat

This guy thinks there's more to it than wind. Part cock-up, part accident waiting to happen as container ships get bigger and bigger.

19 Sir Lupus 28.03.21 2:19pm
Conservatives race to sign this guy for May elections

[url=]Teacher struck off for saying pupils dressed like "Eastern European prostitutes"[/url] If only they'd dressed like Welsh prostitutes he'd have...

3 Sir Lupus 27.03.21 9:35am
TrueBiscuit: Changing the subject slightly

Milk I can't offer a scientific explanation for this. Anyone?...

9 Sinnick 27.03.21 2:53am
If you ever need any strange or unusual symbols or characters for anything

Some folks know the shortcuts for these things and seem to be able to magic them up at will. I don't, (and don't use software which auto inserts) so I just Google whatever weird character or symbol I...

3 SteveB 24.03.21 1:03pm
Midfield Diamond
Looks like the anti-EV lobby has won.

[url=]I am sure that they are proud of themselves.[/url]...

16 Al OPecia 23.03.21 4:04pm
Al OPecia
Plans Leaked For Govt. On-Line Sales Tax - And Not Before Time - 23

Amazing that it's taken as long as it has. One of the many things they can spend a few £bn on is funding the cost of replacing dangerous cladding - while they pursue the criminally fraudulent...

65 Titus 23.03.21 8:29am
The level of misogyny on these pages has just ramped up several notches. - 2

I think some people need to think hard about some of the posts going up...

48 Al OPecia 19.03.21 11:28am
Al OPecia
Tedious self-serving professional name-callers

Are we supposed to pick a side between tedious self-serving professional name-caller Julie Birchill and tedious self-serving professional name-caller Ash Sarkar? Birchill has just had to pay a hefty...

3 Adrian Bamforth 19.03.21 8:28am
Not ALL Brexiteers Are J. Arthur's!

Warning - the title of this thread is ironic, deeply ironic, verging on the sarcastic even. There is another thread where Remoaners indulge in what Titus has dubbed 'masturbation in reverse.' In...

20 granger 18.03.21 4:31pm
How many weapon(s) did he have? ..and considering how cold it's been around isn't it a miracle that anyone could see them?...

3 Terry Bunn 18.03.21 9:30am
Logins were a bit messed up this afternoon -- Sorry !

I vaccinated them and there were some side effects. Hopefully all sorted now !...

1 TechGuy 17.03.21 6:54pm

I've not been here much during the last year so apologies if the vaccine issue has been debated to death. I had the Pfizer BioNTech one about 4 weeks ago - You know, the weird RNA one. No side...

17 beau-jolly 17.03.21 6:38pm
Russian owned company to build Downing Street briefing room

Should be in the Writers' Room?, Nope! I have to say that, without paying to access the official...

5 Sinnick 17.03.21 9:07am
Sir Lupus
February WOTM competition

Myke is well in the lead this month and let's not forget it's a short month. All links as usual are [url=]on the blog[/url]...

13 throngsman 16.03.21 8:05pm
NB at 15 - 234

One of the editors suggested recently that as Newsbiscuit is fifteen years old it might be a good idea to put a compilation of some of the best work over the years. Myself and a small group of the...

90 throngsman 16.03.21 11:40am
Some Excellent Common Sense on China

from Sir Alex Younger, former head of the SIS, on BBC Radio 4 [i]Today[/i], here: at about 7:40am. Well worth a listen right through, I respectfully...

0 Titus 16.03.21 7:48am
Community transmission versus local transmission - an apology from me to you all

There I was looking at what has been going on the last year in the UK and all around the world, and I missed something very obvious that I imagine most others clocked apart from me. Community...

0 SteveB 14.03.21 6:31pm
Expression of solidarity and support for The Mash Report. Yes, here.

These are my views and my views alone. I do not speak for NewsBiscuit or anyone else associated with NewsBiscuit. OK, so The Mash Report is something we here might well consider to be born of a...

9 SteveB 14.03.21 4:31pm
Let's Have More Criticism

Thread stated here to avoid further polluting the Writers' Room. These rooms are largely for discussion, review and criticism (sometimes even constructive!) of submitted posts. So let's hear some,...

9 Titus 13.03.21 10:20am
NewsBiscuit Plagiarism “the Size of Whales”

“Undersea Sounds Identified As Just The Sighs Of Whales” - Titus 6 hours ago: “Scientists Demonstrate That Sound Of Neutron Star 'ResemblesThe...

6 Benvoleo 13.03.21 10:16am
How to post just a headline

Hello. Sometimes I just want to post a headline. IT seems the only way I can do it is by duplicating it in the main body of the post. Is there another/simpler way?...

9 Lockjaw54 12.03.21 11:32am
NB Takes Contributor Off Payroll After He Says He Agrees With Piers Morgan

More sanctions expected later ...

0 Titus 11.03.21 8:14am

[Duplication deleted. So here is a spare apostrophe for anyone who want's one.]...

0 Titus 11.03.21 8:02am
Megan to have own tv show?

Now that Megan Markel has (albeit indirectly) been the cause of Piers Morgan storming off of GMB are there not grounds for giving her a regular airing with her own show?...

9 Terry Bunn 11.03.21 6:03am
Viewers, Listeners & Readers Beg For More About Brexit & Less About Megharry

Please,[i]please![/i] We'd even rather hear the detailed post-brexit trade agreement be read out, in full, paragraph by paragraph, sub-paragraph by sub-paragraph, clause by clause, sub-clause by...

0 Titus 09.03.21 1:22pm