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Tabloid satire - 23 87 Midfield Diamond 6 years
Tesco announces Tesco Metro to open in Tesco Extra 3 godly1966 6 years
McDonald's Gets Record Number Of Job Applications On A-Levels Day 5 Kramaring 7 years
Tesco 2 Scroat 7 years
Tesco 1 JoshSpringer 7 years
Every Little Helps - New 007 flick takes sponsorship to a whole new level ! 1 Avs 7 years
Syrian war victims declare solidarity with Wiltshire supermarket campaigners 16 Kevin the Swan 7 years
Tesco PR department “Can’t be arsed anymore” 4 theinvisiblecitychannels 8 years
Experts predict Tesco burger story will run and run furlong time 1 flyerblade 8 years
Tesco investigation moves to France as frog and snail DNA found in fish fingers 1 flyerblade 8 years
Tesco guarantees new 'Finest Soylent' range burgers will be horse meat free 1 flyerblade 8 years
Tesco to investigate presence of meat in burgers 1 TerribleTim 8 years
Man wakes to find new Tesco in right ear 2 writinginbsl 9 years
Tesco security staff wary as hundreds more little chefs fall on hard times 15 dvo4fun 9 years
US announces staged withdrawal from ‘spillage in aisle 14’ 23 vertical 9 years
Tescos to Cut Prices by £500 Million "per customer" 1 apepper 9 years
Tesco now officially owns 'every fucking thing' 7 TokyoTomato 9 years
Rupert Murdoch behind riots 2 cuckoowatoo 10 years
Tesco to improve Finest range by adding extra words 7 Oxbridge 10 years
Tesco Eyes Up Cheap Greeks? 2 beau-jolly 10 years
Victoria Beckham to give birth on 'One Born Every Minute' 1 cuckoowatoo 10 years
Stock levels of cheap shit in temporary shops reach new record 1 MC One R 10 years
Tesco plugs oil spill with store 1 mr_lizard13 11 years
Tesco to launch own-brand currency 3 thesheriff 11 years
Supermarket Price War escalates as Tesco 'to acquire Nuke' 8 simonjmr 11 years
Chief Vet Reassures Public After Tesco Confirm Outbreak of ‘Byers Remorse’. 3 trophyhusband 11 years
Tesco in bold move to restart Slave Trade. 9 11 years
Tesco to open walk-in value range Vasectomy Clinics 4 edward hack 11 years
Candleford residents outraged at BBC’s plans for Tesco superstore at Lark Rise. 2 wallster 11 years