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Worst-Dressed Man 2015 won by ‘all cyclists’

‘We congratulate the cycling community for winning, but this award is partly for the designers of cycling accessories,’ announced the chairman of the judges, Mr Tim Ryan. ‘They have convinced a gullible public to wear ever more outrageous outfits simply by using words such as hi-vis and personal safety,’ he added, looking resplendent in a skin-tight luminous green number.

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Posted: Nov 28th, 2015
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Brian Sewell describes Heaven as ‘kitsch nightmare propped up by vulgar columns’

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Posted: Sep 23rd, 2015
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Election campaigns kick start five months of uninterrupted lying

best to hide under the sofa until it's all overWith fingers crossed, fidgeting and winking to the camera, Prime Minister David Cameron fired the starting pistol to the longest sustained stream of affluent effluent in electoral history. He was swiftly joined by the leaders of all the main political parties keen to shovel on extra dollops of steaming manifesto do-do’s and don’t-don’ts.

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Posted: Jan 4th, 2015
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David Miliband readied for last minute substitution in Election shoot-out

Labour Party chiefs, inspired by Dutch manager Louis Van Gaal’s last minute switch of goalkeeper in the Holland v Costa Rica World Cup quarter-final, are preparing a last gasp replacement of their own in the run up to next year’s General Election.

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Posted: Jul 7th, 2014
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Brave Dave hires Cowell as election mogul

‘It’s really important to engage young voters with the people who run their country,’ said Cameron, his Old Etonian dialect taking on a distinct northern twang. ‘Why do you think I rarely wear a tie? It’s to make me look more like Gary Barlow. Everybody loves Gary Barlow.’

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Posted: Oct 28th, 2013
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