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Michael Gove tells kids to build their own schools

children can take them home at the end of termEducation Secretary Michael Gove has announced that in the future all new schools will be built and maintained by the pupils. ‘This is what I mean by ‘free schools,’ he said, ‘the kids build them and it doesn’t cost us a penny.’ Mr Gove announced that from September every school pupil in England and Wales will be issued with a hammer, some nails and a pot of paint.

‘Obviously we want them to do a good job,’ said Mr Gove, ‘which is why I have set up a range of ‘Building Academies’ in which the kids will get basic training in woodwork, bricklaying and plastering. The brighter kids can have a go at architecture while the thicker ones can focus on wolf-whistling and showing their bottoms to passers by.’

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Posted: Jul 26th, 2010
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