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Creationist school appears out of nowhere

God knows where it came from‘Today the kids have Intelligent Design and Technology in which they have to devise and build their own ark. Then, this afternoon, it’s double pseudoscience followed by flat earth geography.’

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Posted: Jun 28th, 2015
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‘Flagship’ school hijacked by pirates

St Mary’s Collegiate, the flagship Academy School which opened in Wolverhampton in September, has reportedly been seized by Somali pirates and is en route to the gulf of Aden.

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Posted: Oct 6th, 2010
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Outstanding schools to become ninja academies

The government have announced that all schools judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted will be given the opportunity to apply for ninja academy status. ‘For too long our schools have been shackled by red tape and bureaucracy that inhibits them from teaching our children how to become highly trained killing machines,’ said Education Secretary Michael Gove, ‘these academies will be able to set their own curriculum and focus on the core learning goals of espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination.’

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Posted: Jun 1st, 2010
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