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Shampoo advert sets new record for ‘worst survey result to base a campaign on’

An advert for Pantene Pro-V shampoo has set a new industry standard after the small print revealed that the central claim of the campaign was disagreed with by over 90% of the tiny sample surveyed.

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Posted: May 4th, 2012
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Digital marketer lauds Shakespeare’s ‘compelling content’

‘I’ve no doubt that if Shakespeare was alive today, he’d be working as a copywriter in my agency; excelling at engaging the public in dialogues with leading brands.’

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Posted: Apr 24th, 2012
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Ad agencies employing qualified ‘emotional rapists’ over Christmas period

Must have must have must haves. Everywhere.Advertising agencies have taken to hiring freelance emotional rapists in order to fulfil retailers’ demands for increasingly cynical and manipulative Christmas commercials.

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Posted: Nov 24th, 2011
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Tampax marketing advisor recommends ‘back to basics’ name change to ‘Jam Rags’

Martin Sorrell, chief executive of an International advertising company has recommended that tampon manufacturer Tampax changes its branding from ‘Feminine hygiene accessory’ to ‘Jam rags’ as part of the need to re-align consumers to the true purpose of the product with straightforward language. Sorrell commented ‘What we now need is a more honest and direct advertising campaign that cuts-out the bullshit and tells the public about the product in a simple and unambiguous fashion. It worked in the 1970s and is still relevant today.’

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2011
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Man facing £4,000 credit card bill for ‘perfect mother’s day gift’

Paul Taylor’s prayers were answered when he saw an advert for ‘Beautiful’ by Calvin Klein, which described the new fragrance as ‘the perfect gift for mother’s day’. ‘I could now make amends for the previous year’s mishap with not just a good gift, but a perfect gift.’

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Posted: Apr 2nd, 2011
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