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Hollande fulfils pledge, takes mistress

‘The French people demand decisive sexual action from its presidents. And they can now be assured that I take this high office as seriously as my predecessors.’

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Posted: Jan 13th, 2014
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Simon Cowell admits to life-long affair with himself

Shamed X-Factor chief Simon Cowell was left facing difficult questions today after details of his sordid affair with himself were revealed by his former lover.

Lauren Silverman, whose own affair with Cowell ended when she discovered that he was seeing himself behind her back, claims the TV producer took himself on secret luxury holidays, ‘wined and dined himself’ in top London restaurants, and regularly booked himself into single rooms in 5-star hotels for one-in-a-bed romps. He then cruelly ended his relationship with Silverman by telling her ‘it’s not you, it’s me. Literally’.

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Posted: Aug 3rd, 2013
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Emails show Petraeus used the codename Mr Fluffywumbles

thank God it's hasn't leaked onto a desk in TehranDisgraced CIA Director David Petraeus and his lover Paula Broadwell tried to hide their affair using a variety of code words and aliases, according to investigators. Gen Petraeus become Mr Fluffywumbles, whilst Mrs Broadwell is often referred to in email exchanges as Sgt. Jiggles.

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Posted: Nov 13th, 2012
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Jeremy Clarkson criticised for road-testing wives

Some say he can't keep his flies up. All we know is, he's called Jeremy.A Top Gear challenge to discover which of the presenters had the fastest wife has been criticised after Jeremy Clarkson decided to swap spouses, and was seen clambering into an ex-wife whom he declared an ‘absolute classic’.

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Posted: Oct 27th, 2011
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Man starts affair with Tesco automatic self service checkout

Dave Headworth, a 27 year old account manager from Nantwich has fallen hopelessly in love with the voice of the self service checkout at his local Tesco superstore.

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Posted: Sep 17th, 2010
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