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Corporate execs welcome news that liking football ‘no longer compulsory’

Impressionable middle-managers were cock-a- hoop last night as it emerged that football has finally gone ‘off trend’.

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Posted: Oct 1st, 2012
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Outed ex-pro Robbie Savage calls for tolerance of football’s thespians

but soft, what goal from yonder route one ball breakethFootballing macho man Robbie Savage gave 110 per cent every game, but there was one thing he could never admit to, until his career was over. He was a thespian.

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Posted: Feb 3rd, 2012
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Axis of Evil to strengthen squad in January transfer window

strong attack, but no defence whatsoever‘They’ve lost the backbone of their team through assassinations and deaths’

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Posted: Dec 21st, 2011
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Football pundit astounds literary critics with use of seasonal imagery

Mark Lawrenson is the toast of London literary society

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Posted: Dec 21st, 2008
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