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Cameron ‘definitely going to do something about Europe’

David Cameron has announced that if the EU doesn’t listen to him, he may get very angry and may probably, if he feels like it, pull of out of Europe. However, he will first have to ask the party, then have a referendum, but only if the Commons votes for one, though only if the Cabinet wants a Commons vote on whether there should be a referendum and only if he wants the Cabinet to request a Commons vote

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Posted: Nov 9th, 2015
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We ♥ Migrants

Politicians and giddy school girls alike have stormed the internet in search for tips on how to copy the latest fashion sensation – ‘Refugee Chic’. Anyone who is anyone is desperate to get themselves photographed next to a drowned body, a reeking container or a somewhat stressed-looking border guard.

One designer declared: ‘Migrants are so 2015. Sunken cheeks, hollow eyes and a rather damp smell. You can mix and match any clothing or colours, provided it looks like you’re wearing your entire wardrobe. And no outfit would be complete without figure-hugging children, draped over your shoulders’.

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Posted: Sep 7th, 2015
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Greek credit rating identified as new pentaquark particle

Tsipras particle only discovered last yearScientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHCb) have announced the discovery of one the smallest forms of matter, that of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ savings account. Having already transformed into a financial ‘black hole’, the Greek economy is now comparable in size to George Osborne’s conscience, Donald Trump’s Presidential chance or how much anyone cares about the new series of ‘True Detective’.

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Posted: Jul 14th, 2015
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Cameron returns from Euro break with a dose of the clap

'this is why Europe needs reform, and more sanitary lamposts'A sheepish Prime Minister has returned to Downing Street from his EU ‘whistle-stop’ tour with what can only be described as a bad case of sunstroke and a ‘mysterious rash’.

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Posted: Jun 5th, 2015
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British porn industry to hold EU mass debate

in Europe, but not dominated by EuropeThe British porn industry has revealed that it will hold its own in-out debate ahead of the EU referendum in 2017.

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Posted: May 23rd, 2015
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