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RSPB to focus efforts on saving Angry Birds

stepping up a levelAfter a series of charity scandals, cash-strapped conservation group the RSPB has announced that it will refocus its conservation efforts on saving the Angry Birds, rather than their real cousins.

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Posted: Dec 10th, 2014
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NSA gaming surveillance concludes we REALLY hate pigs

it's almost as if it's some kind of metaphor for somethingYears of extensive illegal surveillance of our gaming habits has led to the shock revelation that the public ‘don’t just simply dislike’ hog-kind, but they actively ‘loathe’ all swine and their constant ‘flouting’ of building regulations.

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Posted: Jan 28th, 2014
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Boy who found porn in woods ‘delighted with his new iPad’

A teenager has spoken of his joy in resurrecting the tradition of finding porn in the woods and with the iPad that it came on. Andy Bridges, 14, was scouring the bushes in a wooded area near his home after his father told him that the internet has made it too easy for youngsters to access naked ladies.

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Posted: Dec 9th, 2013
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Video game-addicted boy caught stealing eggs from pigs using birds

At this stage it is not known how the pigs came to be in possession of the eggs. His mother called police when she found the eggs, some feather, and a catapult in his bedroom, Liverpool Youth Court was told. The birds used in the attack are said to be unhurt, but ‘very angry’.

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Posted: Sep 26th, 2013
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Students drop out after finding iPads ‘full of academic shit’

‘I thought it was cool when I got an iPad to use at uni,’ said Brad Baker, who is studying English Literature. ‘Then I found out it was full of academic stuff. Sixty-eight gigs of Anglo-Saxon shit really freaked me out. I had to delete Angry Birds and stuff that mattered to make room for it. I’m well-gutted.’

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Posted: Sep 25th, 2013
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