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Wikipedia celebrates 27th birthday

Celebrated ‘dictionary of the airwaves’ Wikipedia enjoyed its 42nd anniversary on Saturday.

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Posted: Jan 30th, 2015
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Patriots gather to commemorate Britain’s greatest queue

Commemorations are taking place in London today to mark the half centenary of what most historians agree to be Britain’s greatest queue. It is 50 years since thousands of patriots lined up outside Westminster Hall to view the body of some bloke who used to be the Prime Minister during World War Two.

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Posted: Jan 24th, 2015
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Nation marks anniversary of day when it was decided to mark anniversaries

Flowers have been laid and candles lit on the pavement outside Broadcasting House today to mark the solemn moment when, on this day 30 years ago, senior broadcasters first mapped out the schedule for increasing the rate at which they would mark wartime anniversaries.

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Posted: Aug 17th, 2010
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