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Early edition of Antiques Roadshow valued at £400,000

‘I found the recording in the attic,’ explained Bill Evans. ‘I couldn’t play it myself, but the handwriting on the end of the tape said it was from August 1979.

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Posted: Aug 11th, 2015
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‘Perfect example’ of Fiona Bruce valued at Antiques Roadshow

"an exquisite piece"Antiques experts were delighted when the BBC brought along a priceless Fiona Bruce figurine for valuation at a recording of The Antiques Roadshow during last summer.

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Posted: Mar 5th, 2011
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BBC admits it forgot to cancel ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ in 1980

Archives opened today show that a glitch on a BBC computer has led to Last of the Summer Wine being inadvertently re-commissioned for the last 30 years, despite being unbelievably unfunny.

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Posted: May 15th, 2010
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