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Art world admits: ‘We just like tits’

Fetching $170.4 million at auction, Modigliani’s ‘Reclining Nude’ has proven to be one of history’s most expensive pieces of pornography. Gratifyingly for those embarrassed by their lusts, millionaire art collectors are just as susceptible to the delights of a huge rack as the riff-raff taking a gander at Page Three.

One art critic explained: ‘It’s important to note that even the cultural elite love the sight of a cracking pair of jugs. Who can forget David Hockney’s ‘The Big Tit’ or his follow-up ‘The Even Bigger Tit’? And I don’t need to remind you about Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies’.’

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Posted: Nov 12th, 2015
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‘Dismaland’ does not start as soon as you leave the M5, insist tourist board

Officials from the Weston-Super-Mare tourist board have advised visitors heading to the town that Banksy’s dystopian nightmare bemusement park does not start ‘as soon as you leave Junction 21 on the M5 motorway’.

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Posted: Aug 23rd, 2015
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£100m hole in arts funding nominated for Turner Prize

collectors bidding for the pan it's disappeared downA massive deficit in the budget of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has been shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Turner Prize.

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Posted: Jul 29th, 2015
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Turner Prize to be ‘artist-free’

a worthy winner next year: the most important work since 'Dunk' from 1983From next year, works which come with an artist’s name attached will be disqualified from the prestigious contemporary art prize’s selection process. Instead, judges will concentrate on works that have not been made by artists.

‘The very idea of artists has now been totally discredited by new and exciting works like ‘James Milner’s Shin Pads’,’ explained chief Judge Mike Smythe. ‘These exist free of the bourgeois taint of personality cult. No formal ‘artist’ has been involved, strictly speaking.’

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Posted: Dec 2nd, 2014
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Tracey Emin to mass produce ‘My Bed’

Controversial artist Tracey Emin has announced plans to mass-produce one of her most famous artworks. Described as seminal because of the extensive use of novel materials like used condoms, ‘My Bed’ was created in 1998 and the original has just been sold for £2.3 million at auction.

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Posted: Jul 2nd, 2014
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