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Satanists to be given a voice on ‘Thought for the Day’

satanist‘Religious groups have insisted we retain a faith-based approach to the daily three-minute slot. This ought to keep everyone happy.’

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Posted: Jul 22nd, 2009
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Infant school stages atheist nativity play

A story of love, hope and profound alienation in a godless universe.

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Posted: Dec 7th, 2008
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Richard Dawkins embarrassed after death and subsequent resurrection

‘The fact that there were angelic voices is completely irrelevant.’

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Posted: Oct 29th, 2008
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Atheism renounced to avoid working bank holiday weekend

‘I started backtracking faster than Rowan Williams saying there might be something in Sharia Law.’

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Posted: Mar 23rd, 2008
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God the Father ‘to resign this week’

Successor widely tipped to be Jesus Christ, current next-door neighbour in the Trinity.

God the Father has been a popular figure for many centuries, but in recent years has come under heavy criticism for his inability to stop wars, failure to prevent rampant homophobia among his followers and his old-fashioned dress sense. Many believers now feel a change at the top is the only way to revive Trinitarian monotheism.

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Posted: May 9th, 2007
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