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£100m hole in arts funding nominated for Turner Prize

collectors bidding for the pan it's disappeared downA massive deficit in the budget of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has been shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Turner Prize.

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Posted: Jul 29th, 2015
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Sacked librarians going feral

Thousands of librarians sacked as part of Operation Austerity are creating havoc on the streets of Britain. The incidents are modest at the outset – some aggressive tutting, an occasional stare at a noisy neighbour – but quickly escalate into a frenzy of violence and sexual excess.

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Posted: Jul 17th, 2015
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£1.5 trillion lost to cash transfer con in the UK

How have they got away with it for so long?At least £1.5 trillion has been lost in a nationwide scam that ‘encourages’ people to unwittingly transfer their money into a fraudster’s account, according to Financial Fraud Study (FFS).

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Posted: Jun 24th, 2015
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Putin sends topless pics in bid to woo Greece

President of Russia Vladimir Putin has stepped up his campaign to get Greece away from the European Union by dropping 10 million photocopied pictures of himself posing atop a big white horse onto the country.

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Posted: Jun 22nd, 2015
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Austerity limits Lloyds share discount to 5%

‘You should register online, quoting ‘We’re all in this together’,’ the chancellor advised. But hurry, because extreme spending cuts mean that these crazy knock-down prices will be restricted to only £4 billion of shares for a lucky few.’

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Posted: Apr 21st, 2015
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