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BAA investment in adverse weather equipment spent on extra wide shovel

An inquiry into the apparent ‘slow reaction’ of Heathrow Airport to last month’s snow revealed that BAA’s ‘major investment in counter snow technology’ was nothing more than the ordering of an extra wide shovel for the worker who clears the snow from the runways.

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Posted: Jan 11th, 2011
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Bright light coming from the East was plane arriving at Heathrow

‘It was a wonderful sight to behold,’ said a passenger today. ‘We never lost faith and finally our prayers have been answered.’

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Posted: Dec 24th, 2010
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‘Self-service’ security checks to begin at UK airports

checks are much more thorough and will take twice as longMembers of the public will be expected to pat themselves down and peer inside their own shoes, before going through a doorway and saying ‘bleep’ loudly if they are carrying any metal items.

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Posted: Nov 2nd, 2010
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