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Chimp facing prospect of losing safest Labour seat in Scotland

set to be replaced by SNP marmosetChico the Chimp, a chimpanzee who has represented the constituency of Fife South as a Labour MP since 1997 could be set to lose the party’s safest Scottish seat, according to the latest opinion polls which suggest that his majority of over 23,000 at the 2010 General Election is set to be overturned by the SNP in the May 7th general election.

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Posted: Mar 8th, 2015
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US to decommission national giant monkey alert system

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signalled a major change in security policy by decommissioning the national giant monkey alert system that has been protecting America’s skyscrapers and screaming maidens against big gorilla rampages since 1934.

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Posted: Jun 3rd, 2011
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