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Queen leads Nation in remembering the financial fallen

all credit to themIn an act of remembrance marking 25 years since the Big Bang, the Queen, members of the Royal Family and political leaders gathered at Canary Wharf to lead the Nation’s mourning for the financial casualties of that turbulent period of recent history.

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Posted: Nov 10th, 2011
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BBC presenters aghast as trader pours scorn on efforts to save the red squirrel

For the second day running, an outspoken City trader left interviewers open-mouthed as he admitted that traders ‘don’t really care that much’ about the prospect of red squirrel extinction in the UK either, and that rescue packages being put together to bail it out were ‘doomed’.

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Posted: Sep 28th, 2011
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Despots defend record round of bonuses in 2010

all being paid much more than David CameronMembers of the ‘Confederation of Dictators, Tyrants, Autocrats and Unelected Heads of State’ have been vigorously defending the latest round of bonuses that they have awarded themselves over the past twelve months – a year which has seen the public standing of brutal autocrats drop to its lowest level in over half a century.

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Posted: Feb 27th, 2011
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Banks livid over £25 admin charge for £800m tax bill

Bankers were left seething today after receiving a £25 charge for a letter from the government telling them that they owed £800m in tax.

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Posted: Feb 9th, 2011
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Meek ‘not really sure what to do next’ after finally inheriting the Earth

‘Well, this is a bit of a surprise,’ commented Raymond Muldowney, a mild-mannered deputy bank manager from the Isle of Wight. ‘Apparently I’m in charge of all precious metal deposits in southern Africa now!’

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Posted: Feb 1st, 2011
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