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Gordon the Gopher reveals historic ‘fisting’ abuse

‘Anyone could’ve seen what was going on if only they’d bothered to look in the right place, which was under the table mostly’.

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Posted: Mar 8th, 2014
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BBC Four to target BBC Three viewers with ‘cool image’

Exactly like Gavin and StaceyBBC Four has announced plans to adopt a ‘fresher and cooler approach’ to its current offerings.

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Posted: Mar 6th, 2014
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BBC admits some town names on UK weather map are ‘made up’

The Director General of the BBC has been forced to admit that the map used in the channel’s weather forecasts frequently contain names of towns that don’t exist. The practice came to light after Conservative MP Toby Booth asked a question at PMQs in which he referenced recent levels of rainfall in the Hampshire village of ‘Lower Spangle’.

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Posted: Mar 5th, 2014
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Gove: Dairy Industry misrepresented by 1980′s sitcom ‘Bottle Boys’

always prepared to give a little extra somethingOn the 30th anniversary of landmark sitcom Bottle Boys, Michael Gove has waded into a row over its depiction of milkmen in the early 80s.

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Posted: Feb 19th, 2014
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Ironman triathlete admits 24-hour TV presenting marathon was ‘Really hard’

Van Lierde, who swims over two miles, cycles 112 miles and runs a full 26 mile marathon in his event, was visibly exhausted as he gave his final wave and smile to viewers at the end of his epic stint of presenting

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Posted: Feb 17th, 2014
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