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Roy Keane’s beard leaves Villa role to join The Dubliners

Aston Villa assistant manager Roy Keane has confirmed that his beard is leaving to take up a role with legendary Irish folk band The Dubliners.

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Posted: Oct 11th, 2014
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Russell Brand ‘broke Paxman’s heart’

'Come on, it's a simple question. Yes or no?'The veteran presenter and professional cynic has quit BBC Two’s Newsnight amid rumours that he had been ‘pining like a dog on heat’ for the acerbic lothario, Russell Brand. Jeremy Paxman (63) has confessed privately to colleagues that since his fateful meeting with the comedian on 23 October 2013, he has been unable to ‘sleep’, ‘wash’ or ‘sneer effectively at Nick Clegg’.

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Posted: May 1st, 2014
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Ardnamurchan Viking boat burial discovery slammed by Viking community

Viking representatives, up in arms at the desecration of one of their burial sites on the West coast of Scotland released a statement yesterday, saying, ‘We didn’t bury the poor guy so some tweed-dressed perennial students could dig him up and stick him in a museum. Why don’t they go and get proper jobs?’

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Posted: Oct 20th, 2011
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