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Mystery disappearance of concern for flight MH370 investigated

The disappearance of concern for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is to be investigated by a global task force. Concern for the missing flight went missing at some point in the last 48-hours, it’s last message reported to be; ‘have they not found that flight yet?’ in a Facebook post originating in the south-east of England.

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Posted: Apr 2nd, 2014
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Misogynists inadvertently endorse ‘#twittersilence’ protest

Figures released from the networking service, show the vast majority of alcohol-fuelled women-haters have a tendency to sleep through the majority of any given Sunday.

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Posted: Aug 5th, 2013
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New social networking site breaks down religious boundaries with ‘Faithbook’

Religious groups around the world have united in welcoming a new social networking site that is designed to make religion more accessible to young people.

‘FaithBook’ offers features that mirror those on similar networking sites, but reflect the diversity of global religious practices and beliefs. Users build up their own network of contacts, or Society of Friends. They communicate with each other by writing on their ‘Wailing Walls’, or by direct messaging via the Tablet facility. Specially-designed emoticons range from Sunni (happy) to Shiite (sad), and include Catholic (disapproving), Hindu (vegetarian) and Zen (‘whatever’).

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Posted: Apr 17th, 2010
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Would-be social suicide talked down from Facebook deletion

Computer_Frustration‘He’d been acting strange for a while, not updating his status and such. I feel guilty that I didn’t pick up on it and post something on his wall.’

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Posted: Jan 28th, 2010
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