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‘Couple of pints’ with Kim Jong-il ends badly for local bell-end

best not to mention the Coen brothersWhat started as a friendly drink with the North Korean dictator turned ugly over a disagreement about films.

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Posted: Jan 29th, 2011
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Stand-off between father, leftover turkey enters 7th day

Despite several days of intense negotiation and return visits to the fridge, the bird remains in situ and only marginally smaller.

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Posted: Jan 1st, 2011
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Campaign for Real Alcopops denounces ‘beerification’ of British pubs

The Campaign for Real Alcopops has protested that an invasion of tedious, responsible drinkers over 30 is driving the UK’s clubs and bars to abandon the much-loved, lurid, caffeinated alcopops in favour of disgusting new drinks known as “real ales”, and is destroying the traditional British night out as a result.

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Posted: May 22nd, 2010
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