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Ecclestone appointed as Justice Czar: New crime tariffs announced

Bernie Ecclestone is to lead a ‘modernised’ justice system, with cash penalties rather than time in jail as the deterrent. ‘It works in every walk of life’, he told journalists.

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Posted: Aug 6th, 2014
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Ecclestone announces ‘Wacky’ shake up of Formula 1

!Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has unveiled his full vision for this year’s racing season which builds upon his recent suggestion that drivers should be able to take shortcuts during a race.

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Posted: May 25th, 2014
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Bernie Ecclestone avoids £1.2bn tax bill by claiming to be under 12

A Panorama investigation has revealed that the diminutive Formula 1 boss has been cunningly concealing his age (83) by only appearing in public as a wrinkled child, with an anaemic Harry Styles hair piece and a series of elegant models to breastfeed him.

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Posted: Apr 28th, 2014
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Report: ‘There are not enough jockeys in Formula 1′

may lead to several cars having to be put done‘What is clear to see is that none of our current pool of drivers has ever competed in the 2:35 at Kempton Park,’ said F1 supremo, Bernie Ecclestone.

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Posted: Jun 10th, 2012
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Ecclestone denies that F1 is becoming ‘institutionally racey’

With speculation growing that Grand Prix motor racing might evolve into an interesting and competitive sport, the diminutive 80 year old multi-billionaire F1 finance chief ‘Little Bernie’ Ecclestone has chosen to speak out in a BBC interview to address the concerns of the nation’s napping sports fans.

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Posted: Oct 20th, 2011
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