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Nick Griffin sabotaged by Question Time make-up team


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Posted: Oct 20th, 2009
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Mensa must accept BNP members, says Equalities Commission

'everyone should be given a chance of being in the top 2%'The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) today ordered Mensa to review its membership criteria following a series of damning complaints that it is discriminating against far-right idiots not bright enough to join. Under current rules Mensa only admits those with an IQ in the top 2 per cent of the population, but the EHRC has declared the policy to be ‘institutionally elitist’ and infringing the human rights of ill-informed bigots everywhere.

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Posted: Oct 19th, 2009
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‘People pre-judge me because I look like Hitler’

‘I just happen to have the same facial structure and a similar hair-cut’

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Posted: Oct 10th, 2009
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British Standards Institute introduces Standard British Idiots

Following a 30 percent increase in domestic accidents, the British Standards Institute has recruited 1000 Standard British Idiots (SBIs) to perform safety tests on a range of appliances.

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Posted: Jun 15th, 2009
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E.U. voters deliver damning indictment of complex issues

demands for simpler, more straightforward issues British voters casting their votes in the elections for the European Parliament have sent a clear message to the politicians that they are solidly against them ‘going on about really complicated stuff that we don’t really understand’. A demand for simpler, more straight forward issues is the recurring theme that is emerging from the results across the country.

‘How would the European Charter of human rights affect employment prospects in Britain’s service industries?’ asked Colin Taylor one of the voters interviewed outside his polling station on Thursday, ‘I haven’t got the foggiest; it’s all far too subtle and nuanced for me, and I deeply resent the fact. For this reason I’ll be making a futile protest vote with one of those extreme little parties who have clearly thought about all that stuff even less than I have.’

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Posted: Jun 8th, 2009
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