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Bob the Builder sacked as middle-class parents demand more aspirational kids’ TV stars

Bob the Builder was the highest profile casualty this week as children’s TV channel Cbeebies responded to the demands of its aggressively guilt-ridden parent viewers to ditch the glamorisation of working- to lower-middle class jobs in favour of animated characters pursuing careers ‘that make risking negative equity to get in the right school’s catchment area worthwhile’. As part of a new commitment to quality the BBC has cancelled all shows starring members of the construction industry, postal workers, or ‘any job where there’s a chance their children could be unionised’.

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Posted: Apr 5th, 2010
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Obama settles out of court with Bob the Builder over unauthorised use of ‘yes we can’

After an epic legal battle, the Court of Appeal has ruled that the leader of the free world’s victorious campaign slogan did indeed infringe intellectual property rights held by the beloved plastic builder.

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Posted: Jun 9th, 2009
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