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‘Sh@t’ still fails to make the list of new storms

While the British public in their infinite wisdom have selected inspirational weather monikers such as Nigel and Steve, more appropriate storm names are going unrequited. Unimaginative responses to the Met Office appeal have meant that no whirlwinds are named after romance, no blasts are called after the past and not a single ‘bloviating windbags’ is named after Michael Gove.

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Posted: Oct 21st, 2015
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Big Ben repairs ‘likely to cause chaos’ claim Londoners

‘How will we know what time it is?’ asked one terrified city trader. ‘I’ll probably have to rely on my iPhone and Apple Watch to have the vaguest idea of the time’. Others are worried about oversleeping. ‘I live in Watford, it’s difficult enough to hear the chimes as it is…

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Posted: Oct 20th, 2015
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Cameron kicks off election campaign by blacking up

the biggest change yet seen in Gordon Brown's 'Age of change'.Tory leader David Cameron has made a controversial start to his election campaign today after appearing on the BBC’s Daily Politics show apparently in full face blacking complete with a tightly-curled wig.

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Posted: Oct 8th, 2015
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Politicians to be permanently sealed within giant Westminster Bubble

welcome to the pleasure domeThe multi-million pound Odium Project aims to collect every variety of politician, lobbyist and political journalist and keep them in a safe, temperature controlled environment.

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Posted: Sep 16th, 2015
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Labour set to unveil the iCorbyn™

To the delight of technology fans and beard-wearers, the Labour Party is planning to launch a new device which will revolutionize the way we think of revolutions. This simple handle-held socialist will come in a retro 1980 shell, an expanded memory that includes references to Nye Bevan and with one button – mysteriously labelled ‘panic’.

Some have complained that the iCorbyn™ will have a ‘bad reception’ in parts of southern England, but admit that it cannot be worse than Vodaphone.

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Posted: Sep 10th, 2015
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