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B&Q to close 60 ‘argument zones’

after screaming at each other in the tile section, why not look at the plantsKingfisher, parent company of B&Q and the ironically titled ‘Screwfix’, has announced it plans to phase out some of its least ‘maritally fractious’ stores.

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Posted: Mar 31st, 2015
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Amazonian Indians delighted with hardwood garden furniture

‘I don’t know how they do it at that price.’

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Posted: Jul 12th, 2014
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Breast grade silicone found in supply of bathroom sealant

Geoff Davis, a Berkshire based plumber, has complained to the slough Branch of B&Q after discovering that the five tubes of sealant he bought in November contained only breast grade silicone.

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Posted: Jan 6th, 2012
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Royal Wedding Cauldron now outselling B-B-Q says B&Q

A B&Q survey discovered that most people would much rather place their vitals in a cauldron of boiling water than watch a pair of privileged chancers, while eating burned sausages and waving plastic flags.

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Posted: Apr 6th, 2011
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BAA investment in adverse weather equipment spent on extra wide shovel

An inquiry into the apparent ‘slow reaction’ of Heathrow Airport to last month’s snow revealed that BAA’s ‘major investment in counter snow technology’ was nothing more than the ordering of an extra wide shovel for the worker who clears the snow from the runways.

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Posted: Jan 11th, 2011
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