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EU ruling forces ITV to broadcast ‘Europe’s Got Talent’.

The EU ruled that ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ must be made open to all EU citizens next year. British citizens will be entitled to enter European versions of the show, including ‘Luxembourg’s Got Talent’, which is yet to find a winner after 20 years.

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Posted: Jun 8th, 2010
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Earth ignored by aliens after Britain’s Got Talent broadcast

Scientists meeting in London for a World summit on extra-terrestrial life have confirmed that there is now no hope of intelligent life being discovered in the Universe after Britain’s Got Talent was broadcast into space.

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Posted: May 1st, 2010
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Bookies celebrate as Jesus loses Jerusalem’s Got Talent

Leper he cured in show three turned out to be a stoogeFans of ‘Jerusalem’s Got Talent’ were left reeling yesterday following the news that the runaway bookies’ favourite Jesus Christ had been beaten into second place by notorious criminal Barabbas.

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Posted: Apr 1st, 2010
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EU to force councils to recycle more reality TV stars

Jedward to appear soon on 'Cash in the Attic'New EU regulations due to come into force next year are set to force local authorities to increase the amount of reality TV stars they recycle, with tough targets set to create a 70% reduction in reality TV star waste by 2015.

‘These new rules are absolutely vital to protect our environment for our children and our children’s children’ explained EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas. ‘Our projections show that landfill sites will soon be full of people who have appeared on a reality TV show once then been discarded, but there’s no reason at all that they can’t be recycled and used on another show. Action needs to be taken now.’

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Posted: Nov 11th, 2009
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Baby wows onlookers by keeping shoes on

An 8 month-old has baby stunned shoppers at Birmingham’s Bull-Ring retail centre by keeping her shoes and socks on for an astonishing two hours.

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Posted: Aug 18th, 2009
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