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David Bowie asked to construct new persona for George Osborne

‘After another unpopular budget,’ said a government minister,’we need to relaunch George as a completely new persona and Bowie is the man to pull it off.’

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Posted: Mar 21st, 2013
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Budget 2013: Chancellor gives independence to Liverpool

He also unveiled a package of new jobs in the construction industry with a 20 mile wall to be built in the North West of England.

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Posted: Mar 20th, 2013
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George Osborne to introduce Swearing Tax

critics calling for Osborne to stick it up his 25p‘The British people have a proud tradition of both charitable giving and moaning, so let’s combine these interests’

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Posted: Nov 27th, 2012
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Pet owners call on government to do more to help with the cost of keeping dogs

new 'waggy tax' scandal set to engulf governmentPeople who buy dogs that they can’t really afford are calling on the government to do more to help with the cost of food, vet bills and paying somebody else to walk them.

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Posted: Apr 19th, 2012
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Homeless may be used as street lighting

‘It makes sense because people living on the streets can move to where they’re needed,’ said a spokesman for one Conservative local authority.

But homeless charities have attacked the plans arguing that dogs might use the ‘homeless lamp posts’ to cock their leg against

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Posted: Mar 19th, 2012
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