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‘Stonehenge is just scaffolding’ claim experts

early example of half-finished tarmac driveway also revealedAfter many tens of years of investigation, the meaning behind the ancient monument of Stonehenge may finally have been discovered. Professor Mike Smith and his Oxford University team have concluded that the stones are not the final construction but just the scaffolding to allow work to take place.

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Posted: Nov 23rd, 2011
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‘Horse-riding builders just a bunch of cowboys’ claims homeowner

Chorley homeowner Rita Arnold has spoken out about her bad experience hiring cowboy builders.

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Posted: Oct 22nd, 2010
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British DIY awards started and then left for months

The ceremony began with great enthusiasm many months ago, but was soon behind schedule as participants drifted off to start and then abandon a number of other projects.

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Posted: Mar 30th, 2010
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Enfield builder insures arse crack for £1m

Dressed for successMichael Hilton, a builder from Enfield, North London, has protected himself against professional ruin by insuring his bum crack for £1m with Lloyd’s of London.

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Posted: Mar 30th, 2009
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London Olympic stadium to be built by ‘bloke with van’

The project will be completed for a total cost of £90,000, or ‘a bit less for cash’.

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Posted: Jan 12th, 2009
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