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Blair retires as Middle East Peace Envoy; ‘my work is done’

There was a champagne reception for Tony Blair yesterday as he left his job as Middle East Peace envoy surrounded by bouquets and cards congratulating him on a job well done.

‘It just shows that if you set your mind to something it can be achieved. I’m not pretending that it wasn’t difficult at times, that there weren’t huge obstacles to be overcome, but I think we can look back at where Israel/Palestine was when I started on this job eighteen months ago and agree that the peace situation is very different now.’

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Posted: Jan 8th, 2009
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Rare American chimp ‘close to extinction’

‘Them folks kept talking about this rare ape, an incredibly close relative to you and me’

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Posted: Nov 21st, 2008
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Bush accedes to Bin Laden’s demands: America converts to Islam

President George Bush today accepted that everything said in Osama bin Laden’s latest video offering was entirely true and just, and that as a result, America as a nation is converting to Islam. Despite pleas from a handful of diehard Christians, most Americans agreed that their minds had been completely changed by listening to the terrorist leader’s broadcast and that to their own surprise they would now be changing sides in the War on Terror.

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Posted: Sep 12th, 2007
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