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Earth landing ‘totally faked’, claim Martian conspiracy theorists

no way homeScientists on Mars faced fresh allegations last night that video footage of the famous 1985 Earth landing was, in fact, filmed entirely in a studio somewhere near Canal 67.

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Posted: Jul 15th, 2012
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NASA to end 49-year-ban on clowns in space

clowns' discoveries of water in space by the bucket load turned out to be scraps of paperThe US national space agency today announced the long-expected reversal of their previous ban on clowns being allowed on manned space missions. Although it was relaxed in 1995 to a ‘Don’t Laugh, Don’t Tell’ policy, it still placed heavy restrictions on overt tomfoolery.

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Posted: Sep 24th, 2011
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De-classified documents reveal 4th astronaut ‘accidentally left behind’ after first moon landing

bugger!Nobody noticed in all the excitement.

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Posted: Aug 12th, 2009
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