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Cameron: ‘We will still provide paracetamol for cancer patients’

‘Cancer treatment is my number one priority, after Ebola treatment, unless that nurse is getting better, in which case cancer treatment, or at least the cancers that are treatable, you know, the ones that probably go away after a while anyway, are my highest priority…’

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Posted: Jan 15th, 2015
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‘Keep Calm And Regularly Check Your Prostate’ a slogan too far, say consumers

‘Still, at least it’s better than Francis Maude’s recent ‘Panic Immediately And Turn Your Garage Into A Potentially Exploding Death-Trap’ campaign.’

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Posted: Apr 23rd, 2012
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Big Society permits killing of chuggers, says Cameron

David Cameron has announced that, as part of the Big Society, British citizens will be allowed to kill any student on minimum wage who accosts them in the street, pretends he is working for Save the Squid and treats them as their greatest friend on Earth.

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Posted: Mar 28th, 2011
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Sacked charity shop worker ‘didn’t fuss about enough’

Charity shop worker Gladys Evans, 72, was sacked for gross misconduct after ‘failing to demonstrate the required levels of unnecessary activity’, a disciplinary tribunal was told today.

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Posted: Nov 20th, 2010
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Charity collectors more annoying than the actual disease

So called ‘charity mugging’ is now recognized as a major social menace.

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Posted: May 21st, 2008
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