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Pope asks ‘Who wants some?’

His Holiness Pope Francis I has stunned passengers on a flight to the Philippines by suggesting passengers ‘step outside’ to resolve an alleged insult to his mother, adding that he would ‘take on the lot of youse with one hand inside me cassock.’

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Posted: Jan 19th, 2015
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Catholic church split over ordination of women paedophiles

nothing even remotely phallocentric going on here‘It seems incredible that only male priests are entrusted with the responsibility of abusing the children in their care.’

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Posted: Jan 16th, 2015
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Catholic Church ‘evolving’, admits Pope

God only knows...The Catholic Church is changing in ways that neither he nor God can control, Pope Francis confirmed today in front of a synod of cardinals at an extraordinary general meeting in the Vatican.

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Posted: Oct 6th, 2014
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Catholic church running out of horrific things to do

‘We’ve been exposed as brutal, misogynist baby-killing psychopaths, what else can we do short of murdering innocent people in the street?’ said the Archbishop of Dublin.

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Posted: Jun 6th, 2014
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Bishop confuses ‘the crib’ for ‘da crib’

The Vatican have suspended Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst amid fears that he has gone ‘gangsta’ on them. Parishioners attest to hearing the Bishop of Limburg using the ‘n’ word when referring to the Pope, calling his choir boys ‘my bitches’ and ‘bustin out some phat beats’ on the church organ.

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Posted: Oct 26th, 2013
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