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iPhone user has ‘out-of-phone experience’ in-between operating systems

upgrade includes new app which occasionally switches the bloody phone off‘Normally I just stare at a wall from two-inches away with a blank expression in-between operating systems, but this time something different happened’

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Posted: Sep 11th, 2014
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BAFTA nominated silent film ‘must see an end to cinema ban on mobile phones’

Uncivil libertarians were cock a hoop last night, after the British Academy of Film and Television Arts nominated The Artist, a silent movie, for an award. ‘At last, the powers that be have come to their senses,’ said Ken Young, writing in his mobile industry blog, ‘now perhaps they will lift their ridiculous ban on mobile phones. It’s political correctness gone mad.’

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Posted: Jan 21st, 2012
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Parents worried that toddler isn’t texting yet

‘We’ve sent her picture texts and smiley emoticons but we just feel we are not getting anything back.’

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Posted: Mar 17th, 2008
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